You’ve ticked the historic sites off the list, you’ve plunged into the deep waters in the area’s best beaches and you’ve even had a bite to eat at some of one of the town’s notorious taverns. But Paphos, this year’s European Capital of Culture, isn’t just about all things traditional while taking in the beauty of the natural world. In fact, things are changing pretty fast in the small seaside town, and My Cyprus Insider fills you in on some of the coolest places to head to for a drink in hip and quirky style!


1. Craft Café

Cool and alternative, boasting a lovely warm atmosphere, Craft cafe really is one the cosiest little bars in Paphos to just kick back and unwind. A relatively new kid on the block, a now dedicated clientele gravitates towards the place for a drink in truly laid back fashion.



Regulars rave about their reasonably priced drinks, friendly staff, a warm atmosphere, while more and more locals are heading to the venue to enjoy live music sessions which bring the place to life a few times a month.



Where? Craft, 19 Alfredou tou Megalou St, Paphos. Open from 6pm-2am.


2. Timothy’s Art & Bar

If you’re a Nicosian, you’ll probably compare this place to New Division. If you’re a Limassolian, there’s something about it that can be likened to the old Bar Fly. But if you’re a Paphian, there’s really nowhere else quite like it!



Hidden away down a narrow alley way in a crumbling old traditional house, Timothy’s Bar is certainly worth locating; a bohemian little space with a warm, cosy and unpretentious atmosphere, so leave your airs and graces at home and come ready for a spontaneous night of relaxed and carefree fun. The space hosts live music nights and serves drinkers light Spanish inspired snacks to soak up all the beer.



Where? Halfway up Alfredou, just off Angélou Geroúdi, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 99-424417


3. ANANAs 8Bit Coffee

Known for serving some of the best artisan coffee in town, we really wouldn’t be doing this place justice if we were to just mention its daytime café appeal.



A hive of alternative events, live music gigs, and art house movie screenings come evening, the cool and funky Ananas 8Bit Coffee also shows modern and contemporary art on its projector screen wall, with top live bands often drawing in crowds from near and wide who fancy listening to alternative sounds, from funk to jazz and much more. Whether you choose to visit in the morning for you caffeine fix, or in the evening for a drink and boogie, you’ll no doubt want to visit again and again!



Where? Athinas Street 35A-35B (next to the Home of the Literature and Arts), Paphos. 9.30 am – around 10.30pm. Tel: (+357) 26-600126