Although the summer months are now officially behind us with September having moved into full swing, there are still plenty of great events to inspire us! From art work to ogle at and toe-tapping performances to lift the spirits, here are some top highlights to look forward to during the month of September as part of Pafos 2017 as it continues to celebrate its status as European Capital of Culture.


1. ‘The Alien Train’ exhibition

With a focus on foreigners and travelers in Pafos town, many of them have been assimilated into the local society, while others remain largely invisible to many. In this exhibition, well known European photographers have been invited to Pafos to wander in the neighborhoods and visually record the adventures of an unseen world.


Photo: Nikos Economopoulos 

The exhibition presents works by photographers Nikos Economopoulos (Greece), Antoine D’Agata (France), Bieke Depoorter (Belgium) and Nicolas Iordanou (Cyprus).

When and where? 8th – 24th September. 4pm-7pm. Opening September 8th, 7.30pm. Palia Ilektriki.


2. International Sculpture Park symposium

The Pafos district of Geroskipou has now acquired its own sculpture park inspired by local legends and traditions, with ten Cypriot and foreign sculptors about to create on-site works drawing on the history of the area! The project aims to create the necessary conditions for the development and growth of the sculpture park that will claim a prestigious position on the international map for related events in the future.



Participating artists include Emin Petrosyan (Armenia), Gao Meng (China), Genti Tavanhili (Italy), Giorgos Moisi (Cyprus), Christos Lanitis (Cyprus), Arsenty Lysenkov (Cyprus), Negara Ana Maria Aurelia (Romania), Olaf Klepzig (Germany), Agnessa Petrova (Bulgaria), Viktor Korneev (Sweden).

When and where?  Works will take place between 9th – 24th September. Opening: September 24th. 7pm. Geroskipou Sculpture Park.


3. Cassandre theatrical performance

Head down to the beautiful Pafos Castle Square to watch an international production of the Comédie de Genève, which was first presented in the Grand Opera d’ Avignon. Based on the work of Christa Wolf, the music performance presents the moment just before Cassandra, defeated by gods and people alike, falls into the hands of the Achaeans. In the little time she has left, Cassandra tells her story and her sufferings as a child, a lover, a prisoner, and a woman.



Fanny Ardant – who has worked with some of the most distinguished European directors – takes on the tragic role of Cassandra and her exquisite performance confirms her reputation as one of the most talented French actresses.  The performers will be joined by the Commandaria Orchestra under the direction of Francis Guy. Take note that the performance is in French, with Greek and English surtitles.

When and where? September 16th. Pafos Castle Square, 8.30pm. Tickets: €30 standard & €20 (students, unemployed, pensioners)


4. The Khoury Ensemble ‘From East to West’ concert

The Medieval Manor House in Kouklia will soon be hosting The Khoury Ensemble, well known for composing and performing original works of contemporary music of the East. Their work is a musical exploration, especially of the Middle East, which comes in contact with elements of modern music. The three musicians brilliantly combine the oud, flute, qanun and violin with forms and traditions including as flamenco, Celtic and Indian tradition, and even, jazz.



Having appeared in Europe, the Arab world, Africa and in many other countries, they have given countless live performances that have been described as “nothing less than musical events par excellence”.

When and where? September 23rd. Medieval Manor House, Kouklia. 8.30pm. €10.


5. Remote Pafos – Rimini Protokoll theatrical event

The Rimini Protokoll group is considered one of the most pioneering and influential theatre groups in Europe at the moment, and now, the group are preparing to land down in Cyprus for an en-route performance in the city centre!



Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel, have been working together since 2002 and have been constantly developing new theatrical forms. Audiences in Pafos can expect a special soundtrack accompanying the performance in streets, parking spaces, churches and courtyards of the town, changing the way you view and experience the town.

When and where? September 27th – October 4th. Start point: Fabrica Cave, 5pm. End point: Pafos Youth Organisation Building, 6.40pm. €10. In Greek and English. Free transportation from the finishing point (Pafos Youth Organisation building) to the Fabrica’s cave.

Cover photo: © Marc Vanappelghem