After local delicacies at their very best? Want to get to know more about village traditions? Then there’s nowhere better to head to than the quaint villages of the island, with vibrant festivals coming to life throughout September set to make you drool. Here are some great events outlined by My Cyprus Insider that are worth a visit.


Panoramic view of Lofou Cyprus. Limassol District


1. Pastry and Baking Goods Festival, Galata
Panoramic views abound in this village deep in the Solea Valley, as fresh air and vivid greenery provide a welcome escape from the routine of daily life. And the village folk here really love to show off their bread making skills, so much so that every year, the women of the area congregate to give crowds and visitors a real treat with their creations as people from near and far descend on the area for a real taste of tradition.




With the focus on all things dough related, it’s worth noting that Galata was once well known for its many flour mills, and this year’s festival will see a number of activities excite visitors, given the chance to watch traditional Cypriot bread being made, along with a variety of other traditional baked goods.

Then there will also be an exhibition of traditional products for you to ogle at, while you’ll get to sample all sorts of traditional delicacies. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Folk Art Museum and Byzantine Churches of the community will remain open to the public.

Where and when? Galata Village Square, Solea Valley, Troodos. September 10th.


2. Grape Festivals, Troodos winegrowing villages
When you’ve got a little free time on your hands, there really is nothing better than a scenic drive through the wine-growing villages of the Troodos Mountains, where sun-kissed hills blanketed in rambling vines tell tales of a country with a rich winemaking history that dates back centuries. And the landscape isn’t just about natural splendors, punctuated with gorgeous stone built villages that defy the hands of time, each with their own unique character, history, and culture.




Throughout September and October, various wine villages become a focal point with a number of vibrant and rather buzzing events dedicated to wine and its products. You can soon witness Vasa, Lofou, Arsos and Koilani become the focus of attention with festivals that will tantalize your taste buds with all sorts of grape delicacies including Palouzes (grape jelly) and Shoushouko (nuts on a string dipped in palouze and left to set). Then they’ll also be competitions, wine tasting, and all sorts of entertainment shows (including folk music, theatre productions, and revival of old traditional customs).

Where and when? Vasa village, September 10th. Lofou village, September 17th. Arsos village, September 24th. Koilani village, October 1st. Limassol district.


3. Pastelli festival, Anogira

The village of Anogira – located in the hills half way between Limassol and Paphos – is well-known for its glorious carobs,  picked from the trees between August and November. And locals are famed for making delicious pastelli (carob toffee) and teratsomelo (carob honey), made from carob juice on an open fire in the same way that it has been for years.



In September, you can look forward to a fun carob festival held in the village to celebrate the harvest, featuring pastelli making demonstrations, traditional dances, music, food, wine and other local delicacies.  Enjoy!

Where and when? Septemeber 9th, Anoyira village, Limassol district.