With the weather heating up, there is nothing better than an infinity edged swimming spot and in the spirit of swimming in style, here are some Cyprus’ best infinity pools as recommended by My Cyprus Insider. And with most of the island’s best pools located in the Paphos district, the choice between a quaint village or a hotel in the city…is yours!


1. Almyra Hotel, Paphos

The Almyra Hotel is one of the most chic and stylishly sophisticated places to stay on the island, and the hotel’s infinity pool at the Almyraspa fit in perfectly to this refined and minimal elegance.


Almyra 2


Described as an adults-only utopia dedicated to holistic hedonism, the spa and infinity pool at this five-star property are located all the way down the end of the complex, far from the happy shrieks of the children in the main pool. And the pool itself, with its stunning views out across the Paphos harbour and the sea beyond – with hip minimal grey day beds and bare concrete surrounds, which contrast beautifully with its delicious deep turquoise blue mosaic tiles – is as tantalisingly tempting as it is relaxing and luxurious.




Where? Poseidonos Avenue, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-888700


2. Droushia Heights Hotel, Droushia village, Paphos

One of the best things about the quaint little mountain village of Droushia and its best local hotel – Droushia Heights Hotel is the breath taking panoramic views across the valley to Polis Bay, the Akamas peninsula and the sea. Now imagine enjoying that very view from the cool confines of a uniquely shaped raised, 35 meters long oblong infinity pool. Sounds like magic doesn’t it? And when the sun goes down, and the pool lights up and all the tiny lights from the surrounding villages start to twinkle in the dusk, the magic of the experience only intensifies.


Droushia Heights4


A perfect spot for a weekend outside the city and away from the humdrum of real life, this hotel and its glorious infinity pool is enough to make you forget the hot summer in the concrete jungle of the city.

Droushia Heights5

Where? Droushia Village, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-332200


3. Theo Sunset Bay Holiday Village, Paphos

The little known Theo Sunset Bay Holiday Village located in Kissonerga village between Paphos Harbour and Coral Bay, is a quiet and peaceful little corner of the island, with its very own infinity pool, complete with stunning views of the sandy beach, the sea and the surrounding mountains.


Theo Sunset Bay


Although there is plenty to do in the area around the hotel, from archaeological sites to hiking or scuba diving, guests at the hotel could be excused for wanting to spend all day lounging pool-side and soaking up the atmosphere of languid relaxation.


Theo Sunset Bay4


Where? Theo Sunset Bay, Coral Bay Road, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-940840


4.Alexander The Great Beach Hotel, Paphos

At first glance, the pool at Alexander The Great Beach Hotel is just an ordinary, rectangular, turquoise blue swimming spot for guests. However, on closer inspection the unique appeal of the facility will become more obvious.


Alexander the Great3


Look closer and at the end of the pool, and you will find a fashionably designed covered swim-up bar, with an infinity pool edge for thirsty swimmers to enjoy a cool drink in the water. The swim-up bar has blue tiled stools and seat and is covered with white canvas to shade you from the hot sun – the perfect spot to chill out and enjoy the cooling effects of the water!


Alexander the Great2


Where? Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-965000


5. Anassa, Neo Chorio, Paphos

Quite possibly the most famously opulent, exclusive and extravagant hotel in Cyprus, the Anassa is also home to an incredible infinity pool.


MCIS 730X446x


The pool boasts a fantastic swim up bar where guests can indulge in a drink as they enjoy the absolutely spectacular, unmatched views of the Akamas peninsula to the left and Polis and Pomos on the right. The pool reflects the high-end luxury and consummate lavishness of the hotel itself.


MCIS 730X446


Where? Alekou Michailidi Road, Neo Chorio. Tel: (+357) 26-888000


6. Aphrodite Hills, The Retreat Spa, Kouklia, Paphos

There’s something about the ambience at The Retreat Spa at Aphrodite Hills hotel. Calm, peacefulness and a serene purity descend upon the area, filling the air with a relaxing energy and encouraging guests to let go and relax. And the stunning infinity pool of the spa is no different.


Aphrodite 2


Children aren’t allowed here so the whole area is quiet and the views down the valley and to the sea allow the mind to further quieten, allowing a deep sense of inner peace.


Aphrodite Hills2


Where? Aphrodite Avenue, Kouklia, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-828000


7. Paradisos Hills, Lysos village, Paphos

Paradisos Hills didn’t always have an infinity pool, but the recent addition to the hotel has only served to make the offering that bit more appealing to visitors looking to escape reality and enjoy a peaceful rural retreat with a view to inspire. The hotel’s infinity edge quite literally juts out over the side of the hill, giving swimmers the best viewpoint possible while the surrounding lush green garden and soft sunbeds add to the equation to make the poolside area an idyllic haven of R & R.




Where? Lysos. Tel: (+357) 26-322287