This Sunday October 15th, the bucolic village of Kato Drys in the Larnaca district will celebrate its history and culture on the occasion of ‘European Heritage Days’.



Once just an agricultural settlement, after 1878, the village folk in Kato Drys began to busy themselves with beautiful embroidery. With a handful of villagers trying to keep these traditions alive, the community of Kato Drys beckons this weekend, with a whole host of events planned that shed light on its intricate history, its people and its wonderful produce. Just take a walk through its gorgeous cobbled streets, before heading to a number of venues in the village hosting a variety of happenings.



First up, you can take a look at an exhibition of all things traditional at the Folk Art Museum between 2pm and 6pm. And foodies will certainly rejoice, with traditional delicacies to tuck into as you walk around the museum grounds, coupled with an onsite demonstration. Prepare to delight your taste buds in trahanas soup (made from cracked wheat and soured goat’s milk), palouze (grape jelly), Zivania and more!



At the same time, you can head on down to the lovely Bee and Embroidery Museum where you can catch a glimpse of an exhibition entitled “The Life of Bees.” Between 3 – 4pm, head down To Mandratzi tis Giagias, a great local shop, where you can sit back to watch a demonstration of the preparation of local delicacies and pyrography.



In the mood for some great local wine? The afternoon will also see tours take place to the Christoudias Winery and vineyards. But you won’t just get to sip on wine – they’ll also be soujouko  on offer for you to enjoy as you take in the fabulous rural surrounds!



Where and when? 

Kato Drys village, Larnaca district. October 15th. For more information: Tel: (+357) 24-34233 and (+357) 99-676685