One of the most fascinating things about Cyprus, is that despite being a small island, there are always new places to discover! And some, have been around for a while but somehow remain relatively unknown. The Cyprus Theatre Museum in Limassol (housed within the Panos Solomonides cultural centre) is a prime example of one such gem of a place that many have never even heard of. And yet, the place makes for a fascinating few hours, filled with costumes and props to tease the imagination. If you want to take kids out, or just love all things related to the stage…read on!





The history behind the museum

It all began back in 1987 when Nikos Nikolaides – an optician by profession and an amateur actor – donated his rare theatre archive to the Limassol Municipality, laying the foundation for the establishment of the Cyprus Theatre Museum. Joint efforts were then carried out by the Limassol Municipality and Cyprus Theatre Organisation for the establishment of a Theatre Museum to preserve the history of theatre on the island.




What will you get to see?

From wonderful costumes to scale props and costume designs, there are heaps of exhibits to have a look as you walk through the permanent collection of the Cyprus Theatre Museum, giving you the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the island’s history of theatre. Taking visitors all the way back to antiquity (specifically ancient theatres of the Hellenistic to Roman period) to the present day, the splendour of theatre will unfold before your eyes.




Have a good look at photographs, scale models, sketches, costumes, posters, audio-visual material and exhibits which focus on the basic stages of a theatre production, all shedding light on the collaboration and joint efforts of a number of professionals and artists – playwrights, directors, actors, set and costume designers, composers, lighting designers, choreographers, technicians – contributing to the production of a theatre performance.




In the central section of the museum, costumes from significant and emblematic performances of the island’s theatre history are exhibited, from the costume of Mother Courage from the production Mother Courage and her Children by THOC in1977, and the costumes from the Iketides (The Suppliants) by THOC 1978, are just some of the exhibits of this section of the museum. All beautifully presented, you won’t quite believe that you haven’t paid this place a visit before!




Where? 2 -8 Panos Solomonides St, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25-343464.