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If you’re active on social media then you’ve no doubt come across a video by Costas Pringipas. Quite a phenomenon for Cyprus standards, he’s well known for poking fun at just about anything and everything to do with Cypriot society, be it the way women approach men or vice versa, our eating habits, how we behave with our parents, at the doctors, and the list goes on. And he has certainly made people across the island laugh out loud at their own behaviour, with some of his most popular videos boasting 100 000 views and thousands of shares.

An IT teacher for many years, his internet fame as one of Cyprus’ most hilarious comedians all began at home on a hot mid-August day in 2014. “I talked about people who say “Oh I love Nicosia in August” because there is no one that really does!” he recalls. His most popular video, however, revolved around Lionel Messi coming to Cyprus and heading out to eat local delicacies; sheftalia and kleftiko.

The comedian now has his own page Costas Pringipas- Stand Up Comedy Online, while he brings local venues to life with stand-up comedy shows. “I started doing comedy in 2010 but I had it in mind for many years. I just couldn’t find the guts to do it. The first time was really hard,” he admits. “As soon as I started doing my comedy, I wanted to disappear! But I really changed that night.”

Apart from making people laugh – be it in real life or through the computer screen – Pringipas keeps busy with a morning show on U Radio 99.6 from 6.45-9am while also providing IT support to a Business Services company in Nicosia.

My Cyprus Insider asks him three questions about his life on the island…read on!


1. Three things you most love about Cyprus…
The food, the food, the food.


Costas Pringipas


2. Beloved spot on the island?
Molos in Limassol is an excellent place to visit if you have kids. The scenery is amazing there. Kids playing, teenagers skateboarding, adults silently remembering their childhood.


Costas Pringipas


3. Favourite town?
I love Limassol because there are so many things to do there, even during the winter. People also seem friendlier for some reason I haven’t understood yet.


4. Best memory?
Skiing with friends in Troodos. It was my first ski trip, but also, my first time in Apollonion Hospital. I had a great time though before the accident!


Costas Pringipas


5. Perfect weekend break?
My mother-in-law calling me Friday noon begging me to take the kids. Then I take my wife, and we are off to Paphos for a long weekend. I love the Almyra Hotel during the winter. In the summer, I enjoy reading psychology books under the sun somewhere in Limassol.


Costas Pringipas


6. A day by the beach or mountains?
I would definitely go for the sea because you meet people by the beach too! My favourite beach is Konnos as it reminds me of Greece. The huge cliff is amazing and the waters are crystal clear.


Costas Pringipas


7. Favourite place to eat?
I love eating at the Good Food Co in Makedonitissa in Nicosia…this guy does the best but also the most value for money chicken Mexican salad ever. Piatsa Gourounaki in Old Nicosia is great too but it’s often crowded. Artisan’s Burger is very nice too.


Costas Pringipas


8. Favourite place for a drink on the island and why?
Moondog’s Bar and Grill…the service is very friendly and management is so nice to customers.


Costas Pringipas


9. If you were to recommend a visitor tries just one local dish, what would it be? What do you think is great about it?
Sheftalies (Cypriot style sausages) from a kebab house in Limassol called Astra! Delicious.


10. Best season in Cyprus?
Winter and Christmas time. Full stop.

Watch Pringipas perform his stand-up comedy show every Friday at Barca Bar in Nicosia. 9.30pm.