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One of Cyprus’ most popular fashion bloggers, Elena Apostolou, is by no means your typical fashionista. By day, she works in her own clinical laboratory, where she busies herself with a variety of tests for her clients, but her creative streak is then unleashed when featuring all things trendy and hip on her popular Fahionmegawatts blog alongside Nicholas Papandoniou and Andria Kyriacou.


Elena Apostolou


“Blogging is such an expressive outlet for me as it’s all about individual style; outfits that I would genuinely wear on a day to day basis,” Elena explains. “There are no rules and that’s the most enjoyable part of it.”

Elena lets on that her passion for blogging came about when studying Medicinal Microbiology, Haematology and Immunology in the UK. “During that time I was so inspired by the people around me, everyone had their own unique style and craziness and it was so amazing to see the individuality and expression of these people through fashion and styling choices. I truly believe that you can find inspiration everywhere as long as you take the time to notice the little things, the details, while remaining imaginative and true to yourself.”


Elena Apostolou


Elena first set up the Fahionmegawatts blog in 2013 when in Manchester with her good friend Andria, after they did the styling for a magazine fashion shoot. “We went to shops, picked the clothes, shoes, jewellery and we really enjoyed it – we had a blast,” Elena recalls. “I’ve always loved fashion and was intrigued by the combinations, colours and textures of the clothes. So one day after a little push we decided to go for it.  Above all we enjoyed taking pictures and writing about style and trends and how to achieve a specific look.”

We started blogging in rainy Manchester and then when I moved back to Cyprus we carried on. There are no rules, and that’s the most enjoyable part of it. “It wasn’t hard to break through as a blogger in Cyprus but it did take time and a lot of work.”


My Cyprus Insider asks Elena ten questions about her life on the island…read on!

1. Three things you most love about Cyprus…
The sun, beach and hospitality.


2. Favourite town?
Limassol which also happens to be my home town. I love it as it combines everything: beautiful beaches, good restaurants, buzzing nightlife and, of course good, shopping. It really inspires me, especially because of the sea that gives you a feeling of calmness and peace. And of course, an air of positivity to get you through the week.


Elena Apostolou


3. Favourite area to go shopping on the island?
Limassol’s Makarios Avenue usually, as some of my favourite shops are there, combining street style with high end fashion stores.


4. Must visit shops and boutiques?
Personal favourites are Flashback, Mint boutique, Editori boutique Limassol and Splash Boutique. And I will probably also visit Zara at My Mall in Limassol.


5. Best memory on the island?
A weekend gateway with good company where we spent the day exploring Akamas, diving into the blue lagoon. I distinctly remember that excursion and the laughs that we had that day always make me smile when I think back.


Elena Apostolou



6. Ideal weekend break?
It would involve starting the day with a healthy breakfast at a lovely hotel, then relaxing at the beach the whole day drinking cocktails, chatting with friends. After that a power nap is in order and then getting ready for a lovely dinner at a restaurant. Finally, a night out with some of my closest friends having drinks at a nice club or a lounge bar. And it would probably be a gateway in Protaras just so I can have the feeling of a mini holiday.


Elena Apostolou

Photo: Tupungato


7. A day at the beach or mountains?
If I had to pick a day I would definitely spend it on the beach. I love the feeling of sand on my feet, the salty hair, the clear blue waters and the carefree moments of relaxation.


8. Favourite restaurant?
I enjoy going out for dinner and trying new food and cuisines so it’s too hard for me to pick from all the amazing restaurants that Limassol has to offer.


Elena Apostolou

Photo: Yulia Avanessova


9. Favourite place for a drink?
During the summer season I would probably choose La Isla, as it’s right on the beach.  The music is relaxing, they have a great DJ, and the interior of the place looks amazing; a little bit of island paradise and a little bit of magic. It leaves you dreaming about your next holiday destination! My favourite cocktail here has to be an apple martini.


Elena Apostolou


10. Best season in Cyprus?
Cyprus is beautiful all year long and my favourite is the summer season. The days are longer, I love going to the beach, hanging out with friends and enjoy summer nights full of craziness and laughter.


Elena Apostolou