Sarah Fenwick

Known around the island for her superb voice and wonderful stage charisma, jazz and blues singer Sarah Fenwick has recently got people talking with the release of a Jazz Origins CD that explores the diverse roots of the genre with Cypriot guitarist, Marinos Neophytou.

Sarah has a three-octave voice, having trained in classical vocal technique. Half Cypriot and half English, she was born in Nakuru in Kenya in 1966, having lived around the world. Now based in Cyprus, she proclaims to love jazz for its diverse cultural influences.

Often receiving rave reviews in the media when she performs, Sarah started singing professionally in 1991, and produces most of her own shows and CDs. Passionate about live improvisation, she is also an avid supporter of jazz and blues in Cyprus. Concert highlights include performances at The Haifa Blues Festival, The Aphrodite Hills Jazz Festival, the Cyprus Music Days Festival, the Limassol Jazz Festival, a performance at Le Scimmie Club in Milan, and many more.

My Cyprus Insider asks her ten questions about her life on the island…

1. Three things you love about Cyprus…
The colour of the Cyprus sky at dusk, the island’s contrasting natural beauty, and its delicious cuisine.

2. What spot on the island do you most enjoy?
The Temple of Aphrodite Museum at Kouklia, because it’s a place of intense energy for the senses and spirituality.


The Temple of Aphrodite Museum


3. Favourite town?
Limassol is my favourite, because of the seafront. I enjoy watching the sea and relaxing.




4. Best memory?
One warm summer night on a sandy beach near Dasoudi Forest, it was very romantic, with my husband lying next to me with a bottle of wine between us and a full moon shining off the sea’s surface, just stunning! A couple of cats from the forest wandered by to get some treats, this is just typical Cyprus.

5. From sunrise to sunset, what’s your ideal weekend break?
The perfect weekend break is going to a hotel with a spa, enjoying some rest and relaxation with a swim in the sea, going out for dinner with my husband, and enjoying some good live music. We’re too busy these days though!

6. Favourite place to eat?
I like oriental food, so would pick the Tokyo Japanese Restaurant in Limassol, and in Nicosia, Manolito Pizza in the old city – they have a great spaghetti bolognaise.


manolito pizza


7. Favourite place for a drink?
Plus Sea Lifestyle Bar in Limassol is great for an evening drink.


Plus Sea Lifestyle Bar


8. A day at the beach or mountains?
I’d pick the beach, there’s a quiet cove in a corner of Governor’s Beach that’s at the bottom of a steep cliff, with a restaurant at the top. It has sea caves to swim into and a sandy beach, and it’s usually fairly abandoned unless it’s high summer.

9. Best season in Cyprus?
It has got to be spring. The almond trees blossom, along with the citrus trees, and the migrating birds like Swifts and Swallows start swooping around and chasing insects; everything’s green and beautiful.




10. If you were to recommend a visitor tries just one local dish, what would it be?
I would recommend a mountain dish called Kaourmas, which is lamb and potatoes stewed in cinnamon and red wine, and can usually be found in the villages near Troodos. It’s hard to find but amazing when you do!



jazz origins cover shot

Jazz Origins is available online from Jazz Arts & Communications.