Silver and gold is reasonably priced in Cyprus and there are many jewellery boutiques offering great designs. Some jewellers make copies of ancient designs that depict birds and animals incorporated into charms, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Look out for the very popular pomegranate which stands as the ancient symbol of fertility and is often given to young women as a gift.

Most shops also have a great selection of modern designs, each with their own unique style. But what really makes local jewellery stand out from the rest is the way old and new has been intertwined, with a brilliant mix of tradition and contemporary trends that really spark the imagination and curiosity of the modern buyer. As state-of-the-art machinery is combined with cutting edge designs, Cypriot jewellery has managed to take on truly world class proportions.

Some independent designers have proved particularly popular with the younger crowds, many known for their uber-chic pieces that stand out from the rest. Whatever your taste, just have a browse through the many shops around the country to see what best takes your fancy.

Below is a handpicked list of some of the island’s favourite shops and designers, with a mix of tradition and cutting edge cool thrown in the mix.


Nikos Ioannou

Ask any local about the island’s top jewellers and Nikos Ioannnou is bound to come up in conversation. With shops around the island, this brand oozes class, and is a favourite when it comes to buying quality gifts for friends or family. And if you want to treat yourself, there is no end of designs to make you smile. Whatever you wish to take back home, there’s bound to be something to make your eyes twinkle. Have a good look through all that’s on offer and you’ll get a real feel for age-old Cypriot designs, with pieces inspired by jewellery from years ago. The contemporary pieces are also worth raving about. All you have to do, is simply take your pick of what you find the most endearing.


79 Onasagorou Street.
Tel: (+357) 22-674025

Makarios Avenue
Tel: (+357) 22-753251


65 Anexartisias Street.
Tel: (+357) 25-370851

Makarios III Avenue Lordos Centre.
Tel: (+357) 25-374350


Coral Bay Hotel Resort
Tel: (+357) 26-881000

Thalassa Hotel Resort.
Tel: (+357) 26-881500



Based in the capital, this little place has worked as a jewellers and silversmiths since 1906. Check Stefanides great collection of Cypriot heritage jewellery, characterised by particularly nice pendants, brooches, earrings and necklaces that follow ancient designs. Some even combine intricate silver with fine beading for a really special effect. The contemporary pieces are just as eye catching, each with their own unique twist.

Grivas Digenis Ave, Nicosia.
Tel: (+357) 22-661778


Skevi Afantiti

You’ll often hear young fashionistas in the capital raving about the work of designer, Skevi Afantiti. And it’s hardly suprising. Her jewellery is totally unique within its own right, each piece taking on its own individual character. Not just a hot name in Cyprus, her pieces are also proudly showcased in shops around Europe. As for her creative motto? Jewellery is not a lifeless or decorative object, but rather, something that has the ability to come to life through movement, line and form. Taking on a minimalist and streamlined character, her silver and gold pieces truly make heads turn.

3E, Arnaldas street, Nicosia.
Tel: (+357) 22-761655


Katia K- Katia’s Treasures

Katia K is another independent jewellery designer that has made waves with her much talked about pieces, both locally and abroad, with exhibits of her creations around the world. Her one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces have been embraced by the public for their unique design and quality of materials used. Unusual precious and semi-precious stones, as well as individual carvings, are custom-cut to suit her designs. Many of her pieces are limited editions. Katia is adamant about her jewellery respecting the human form, marked by uncompromising wearability and an undisguised affinity for sensual shapes, forms and surface textures. When having a browse through her collections, take note of the Golden Byzantine Era collection based on antiquities.

Katia’s Treasures, 24 Kennedy Avenue.
Tel: (+357) 22-761474

Kanaris Jewellery, Grand Resort.
Tel: (+357) 25-501819

Kanaris Jewellery,31 Poseidonos Avenue, Athena Court No.2.
Tel: (+357) 26-935584
Kanaris Jewellery, Elysium Hotel.
Tel: (+357) 26-841451