Come summer, things can get rather hectic in the island’s most popular beach resorts and seaside towns, as the hottest spots lure fun loving crowds like bees to honey. It’s ideal if you love a little action and excitement down by the sea, but, if you’re more enamoured by quieter spots where you can slowly unfurl in the sun and spend the day lazing to your heart’s content, then you may want to veer just a little off the beaten track.

Read on for My Cyprus Insider’s pick of beachy spots and coastal strips away from the main tourist hubs where you can escape the hustle and simply unwind. Just take your own umbrella, make sure you have a large mat or beach towel at the ready, arm yourselves with cool drinks and plenty of sunscreen, and prepare to claim your own little space in paradise!


1. Pomos, Paphos district
An intoxicating mix of mountains and sea, there is no better place than the rugged and rural Pomos to connect with Mother Nature. An area where life ambles along at a more sedate pace than the rest of the island, drive out to the far west of the island, and you’ll be thankful for the peace and quiet. Because although plenty set up base around the area of Polis and Latchi over the long weekend, not so many make the effort to drive out further towards these quieter pastures.




Once you reach Pomos, you’ll no doubt be dying to make a splash, and there is no better place to do so than the rather dreamy ‘Troullorotsi’ beach, named after the dome shaped rocks jutting out of the sea. With the mountains dropping down to the sandy shores, the whole area is possibly one of the last remaining areas in Cyprus that hasn’t been touched by mass tourism.


Close up- Rocks

But don’t go here looking for swathes of powdery white sand; instead make the most of the difference with coarser darker sand and plenty of seashells in the mix. There are also plenty of other coves to enjoy in the area. Head to the other end of Pomos and you’ll find ‘Porto Pomos’ beneath the Kanali beach restaurant, with a few sunbeds to relax on. But if you want no people around you, head to the adjacent beach which is just 100 metres away, for quiet beachy bliss at its best.


2. Akamas, Paphos district
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing beats the beauty of the Akamas Peninsula. Gorgeously wild and gloriously unkempt, there’s something rather special about a really bumpy and dusty drive (or even a cycle or walk!) over the dirt track before getting to enjoy the glorious blue of the Med. If life is about the journey and not just the destination, then there really isn’t a better place to enjoy the ride than Akamas!

Akamas overview
With gorgeous sandy coves to leave you awe struck and panoramic views across the endless blue, you couldn’t really ask for a dreamier spot. And if you want to kick back and relax on a glorious expanse of golden sand, Lara Bay is just the place to do so, as the rugged mountain backdrop tumbles down to meet the sea. Home to the green and loggerhead turtle that arrive to lay their eggs in the summer months, you’ll no doubt be making friends with the little creatures in this strip of untouched wilderness. Just be sure to respect the nests and don’t touch or disturb them.

Lara Bay


3. Mazotos, Larnaca district
Most of the seaside strips in Larnaca town tend to get quite busy in the summer, with many now home to beach bars and restaurants. But if you venture a little further afield and head towards the coastal area near the village of Mazotos (22 km outside Larnaca town), there are plenty of spots that you can call your own along the windswept stretch.

Do as the locals do and simply drive up to a spot along the Mazotos seafront that tickles your fancy and make a defiant splash! A place now favoured by young sporty types who are attracted to the often wavy and choppy waters, you won’t be totally on your tod, but the area certainly won’t be packed like other spots closer to Larnaca town.


Mazotos- Larnaca Tourism Board


And if you fancy something a little different to keep the kids happy while you’re in the area, pop into the Camel Park which is bound to entertain them for a few hours if per chance the beach isn’t quite hitting the spot.


4. Avdimou bay, Limassol district
Avdimou is a sleepy village outside Limassol, but what many don’t know is that the area boasts a magnificent stretch of coastline. Located west of Episkopi on the drive out of Limassol towards Paphos, Avdimou is home to a great wild and breezy stretch that has remained relatively untouched. And the great thing is that you have to weave your way through farmland and fields studded with olive groves and citrus plantations to get to it.


Kite surfer walking with his kite Avdimou,


Having become popular with a few local kite surfers, the beach itself is a mix of sand and pebble and the waters are clear, clean and quite shallow, so it’s family friendly (except on really windy days!) while the long sandy stretch makes the perfect spot for long and languid walks. Turtles nest here too, so any visitors are advised to keep a safe distance from nests and young hatchlings. Want to catch some fantastic views across the bay? Head to Melanda Beach Restaurant to take it all in while you tuck into delicious fresh catch of the day.


Melanda Beach RestaurantANNA


Once you’ve had a bite, head to the nearby Pissouri Beach – which runs the full 1.5km length of Pissouri Bay, from Cape Aspro on one end to the Mavrorotsos (‘black rock’) headlands on the other. The whole stretch is an absolutely gorgeous spot where the waves that softly lap up against a pebbled and sandy shoreline, partly cradled by the rocky cliffs that drop down to the sea, making the whole setting picture perfect. The area is quite popular with locals and tourists in the summer, but there’s always a quiet spot to be found, and the crowds don’t even come close to what you would come across in the main hubs of nearby Limassol or Paphos. So what are you waiting for? Time to make the plunge!


Pissouri Bay