Want to buy traditional produce from a village shop but don’t want to feel like you’re walking straight into a tourist trap? Here are some little treasures located by the My Cyprus Insider team bound to make your day!


1. To Mandratzi tis Giagas, Kato Drys

Just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Lefkara village, Kato Drys has been increasing in popularity in recent years, with its gorgeous web of cobbled lanes home to some lovely museums and village eateries.



And now, there’s yet another reason to visit the village, as To Mandratzi tis Giagas lures in visitors after genuine village produce and local delicacies. From the jarred spoon sweets to the tasty pies, everything on offer has been made in the village in the purest way possible, with owners intent on fusing all things traditional and pure with a modern touch.



Where? Centre of Kato Drys village, Larnaca district. Tel: (+357) 97 807307


2. Dypiros Artos, Peristerona

If you hit the road from Nicosia to Troodos, keep your eyes peeled for this place as you travel through the area. Located just off the main road in the village of Peristerona, it’s packed with local delights, run by the lovely Maroulla Savvides who is famed throughout Peristerona and beyond for her brilliant halloumi pies and other baked delights.



Have a good look at all the treats before stocking up on bread and sweet pastries (the tahini pies are to die for). And you can even get hold of olive oil, wine, nuts, pulses and much more!



Where? Peristerona village, Nicosia district. Tel: (+357) 22 822880/ 99-524801


3. Pramatouthkia, Little Treasures, Kalopanayiotis

Pramatouthkia is, as the name suggests, all about ‘Little Treasures’ in the gorgeous mountain village of Kalopanayiotis.



The cute little shop is packed with the finest Cypriot produce wrapped up in really funky sleek packaging that makes for a perfect gift. From jams to nuts, body creams to essential oils, they all pay tribute to the island’s natural produce.



Where? Centre of Kalopanayiotis village, Marathassa Valley.


4. Xenis o Poyiatzis, Lofou

Lofou village is well known as one of the most beautiful stone-built villages in the Limassol winegrowing region, but not everyone knows about the existence of the lovely Xenis o Poyiatzis,(Xenis the Painter) coffee shop and traditional herb shop.



Prepare for a treat as you open the wooden door because the shelves are filled with just about every wild herb imaginable. Picked from the surrounding area by herbalist, George Ellinas, each has its own special properties, from aiding digestion to facilitating detoxification. Be sure to ask for a delightful brew with a dash of Cyprus oregano, rose or mint, while you can also get hold of some tasty local nibbles including some great ‘paximadia’ to take back home.

Where? Centre of Lofou village, Limassol district.