Dear Insiders

Hope you’ve had a fantastic week and are looking forward to the Christmas holidays just as much as we are! We’ve certainly been full of festive cheer here in the My Cyprus Insider offices, all dashing about to get prezzies for a Secret Santa celebration. It was actually my manic hunt for gifts today this past week that got me thinking about presents that may be ideal for someone who you may not know well enough to buy clothes, accessories or something else very personal. And it was when I was passing by one of my favourite delis in Nicosia I suddenly thought it was a great idea to write all about some of the best hampers out there. After all, they make a great gift for pretty much anyone who loves chocolate, wine and all thing delicious! Read all about some of the best hampers in the capital here. 



On a different note, once you tire of going around town looking for gifts, you may just feel the need to escape into the countryside to take in the wintry scenery. And if you’re looking for a little festive cheer while you’re exploring, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are some great events in the Cyprus countryside bound to excite the whole family. Read all about some brilliant festive events not to be missed, here.



Have a great weekend, however you choose to spend it!

Bye for now, Zoe