Dear Insiders

Hope you’ve had a great week and that this weekend brings plenty of excitement your way. With really high temperatures around the island these past few days, most of us are looking forward to making a giant splash in the sea this weekend. But if you’re after an alternative adventure, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the things I love about living in Cyprus are the constant surprises. Most of the time, I find myself setting off on an adventure without a specific destination in mind, just getting in the car with my partner or a group of friends and drawing inspiration along the way.

And this is exactly the way things started out last weekend, before we came across one of the most glorious abandoned sites, nestled in the forested area of Mitsero. An abandoned copper mine, the fascinating place sheds light on the island’s fascinating copper mining history. After all, Cyprus’ name has long been linked to copper (Cuprum) and the island boasts an incredibly long mining history, dating way back to 3000 BC. Want to pay the place a visit? Read all about it here 


Fancy a city adventure instead? The My Cyprus Insider team recently enjoyed the sites of Old Nicosia in a totally alternative way, choosing to glide through the city streets on a Segway. Not quite a typical journey through Nicosia, we couldn’t resist stepping onto these two-wheeler electric forms of transport as we were taken on a guided tour of some of the old town’s sites by a dedicated guide from Segway Station. Read all about it and watch us on the go here!



Speaking of all things fun, if you’re starting to wonder where to take the kids for a fun day trip or two over the summer holidays, our team is here to help with a list of 10 great places to get them ticking!

Have a brilliant weekend Insiders, however you choose to spend it!

Bye for now, Zoe