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Picture this. You’re out in the middle of nowhere, olive trees gently swaying in the wind, bushes of wild herbs punctuating the undulating landscape, and open skies forming a brilliant backdrop to what can only be described as the most paradisical setting.




You’ve enjoyed a fabulous day out in nature and taken in the splendours of an area so quiet that you can possibly hear a pin drop. And when your feet tire and you’re ready to call it a day, you make your way back to your fabulous yurt. Now, we can only guess what you’re thinking. Yurts? In Cyprus? Really? Yep!

If you’re looking to escape to the country and are really in the mood for trying something different, then look no further than Yurts in Cyprus, an eco-friendly holiday venture set up by Pawel Sikorski in the picturesque area of Simou, not too far from Polis Chryshohous on the western coast of the island.






What’s the story?
It’s a rather interesting tale, as Pawel previously enjoyed a high powered career in hospitality and event management, managing hotels in Greece and London. But in 2009, he packed his bags, came to Cyprus by car, and decided to set up base here to start his own business in property management and spend some time rock climbing and mountain biking. But there was something else on his mind…yurts!

“What I really wanted was to create a sanctuary to really give people the chance to relax,” he recalls. “I needed to share something with people and I just woke up one moment and said, ‘yes I’ll do this!’ Life is a journey and you adapt to the desires that drive you in the moment.”

While Pawel originally set up the yurts in Annadiou in 2013, he was given the opportunity of relocating to this more beautiful spot in the spring of 2014, and officially opened this past autumn.




What to expect in a yurt!
Three yurts in total grace the area, each with their own name.  Made in Mongolia and largely constructed with natural materials- horse hair, wood and camel hide- they are certainly indicative of accommodation that’s what you’d call ‘atypical’.  Perhaps the best part of it all, is that each yurt has a decking area specifically designed to watch the sunset. Magical, to say the very least.




Cosy, tastefully furnished, bright and spacious, they are toasty warm in the winter and surprisingly cool in the summer. “The wood burner will keep you incredibly warm in colder months, I actually spent all of last winter living in the yurt,” Pawel lets on. But the summers are also blissfully cool with the door open and air flowing through the crown wheel. There are also fans on hand if needed.

There are private bathroom facilities outside each yurt, and not to worry about being totally cut off from the world either, as there’s Wi-Fi on the grounds and spots to charge your phone (Pawel generates his own electricity).




Disconnecting from it all
“It’s a five star service out in the countryside!” exclaims Pawel. First and foremost, the area itself is glorious. “It’s very rural, laid back, serene and beautifully green. It’s all about gentle hills and beautiful landscape, peace and serenity, warm people and a slow pace of life.”

Try to get up to the place and you’ll drive over a bumpy road that will certainly let you know you’re in wild territory! “I wanted it to be like this, to feel like you get a real experience of arriving somewhere at the end of the world. The nicest thing is the feeling of unity with nature, although you’ve got all modern amenities at hand,” explains Pawel.




What’s really great about the place is that it also gives guests the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. The whole ethos is about keeping things small and personalised, with common areas where guests can all kick back, relax, and enjoy meals together. For a two night break, one dinner is included on first night with breakfast also included on all days. Foodies can also make the most of local fare at a few restaurants in the area, with Pawel more than happy to fill you in on all the must visit places.

If you’re an avid explorer, you won’t really know what to do first once you’ve charged your batteries. There are long walks to be taken, guided bike tours to give you good reason to get your heart racing, wine tasting adventures to delight the taste buds, and the list goes on. And if you want to take your beloved dog along with you, well behaved four legged friends are more than welcome on the grounds. Let the fun times




Yurts in Cyprus
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