Fancy making a cool splash? While we may all be inclined to make a beeline for the coast when temperature soar, let’s not forget that the island is more than just swathes of golden sand and gorgeous glistening seas. If you really want to feel refreshed, nothing beats getting behind the wheel –  windows rolled all the way down – and feeling the wind in your hair as you head towards the highest heights of the Troodos peaks.

And what many don’t know, is that the gorgeous green wilderness of Troodos hides some rather magnificent cascading waterfalls. They may be rather small in size compared to those found in the rest of the world, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful. What’s more, you often have to make your way through some magnificent nature trails to get to them, as you’re given the chance to really experience the wild thick of things in the real rugged heart of the island.

troodos caledonia waterfall
Read on as My Cyprus Insider gives you the lowdown on three great waterfalls in the Troodos Mountains that you absolutely have to visit. All you need to do is get some decent shoes on and unleash the explorer in you!


1. Caledonia Falls

The most famous waterfall of the lot, this claims a proud spot, at an altitude of 1330m north of Pano Platres village, with the water falling from a height of 13 metres. Luring thousands of visitors year in and year out, prepare for a walk like no other as the gushing sound of water through dense forest vegetation leads you towards the waterfall.

But this place isn’t just about the final destination; there’s something special about the walk to the falls itself, as you stride or trundle over slippery stepping stones and bend over backwards to make way past foliage that so proudly inhabits every inch of the vicinity as sweet scented pine trees so gloriously call out for attention.
What many don’t know, is that the falls supposedly got their name from Scottish visitors years ago who were rather taken by the beauty of the place, saying that it reminded them of their own country, called Caledonia in ancient times. The rest, is history!

Kalidonia waterfalls
You can get to the falls through the Caledonia nature trail which has two starting points. One of them begins at the point on the ‘Kryos Potamos’ River near the Troodos Presidential Residence, and the other, from the ‘Psilon Dentron’ point near the village of Platres. The choice is yours: the former is two kilometres long while the latter is one kilometre.


2. Myllomeri Falls

Caledonia Falls may be the most famous on the island, but it’s the Myllomeri Falls that proudly wear the gold crown as the highest in the country, with the water falling from a height of 20 metres. Never knew these falls existed? It’s probably because access to these falls used to be rather hard, only made easier with road access a few years back.

Surrounded by a density of pines much like Caledonia, the difference with this particularly cool spot is that you don’t have to embark on any trek to get here if you don’t wish to walk much. So if you’re not much of a hiker, this may be the perfect waterfall for you!

Situated in the Kryos Potamos river bed southeast of the Pano Platres at an altitude of 980 metres – near Panayia Phaneromeni Church – you can reach the fall via a couple of routes, from either Pera Pedi Village (4,2 km distance) or from Pano Platres towards Moniatis (at a distance of 3,8 km). But if per chance you are keen to get those legs working, and want a wee bit of a journey to get there, do not be disheartened! Head to Phaneromeni Church in Pano Platres, and you’ll be at the start of a one kilometre long nature trail leading to the falls.


3. Chantara Falls

A visit to this waterfall makes for a great day out, surrounded by the Trooditissa National Forest, located on the Trooditissa river bed north of the village of Fini, at an altitude of 1035 metres. Head to the area to enjoy a great picnic and walk, before setting your sights on these lovely falls that drop from a height of 8 metres.

While Pine trees dominate the area at large, once you get close to the river bed, it’s Planes and Alder that claim pride of place. As for the name of these falls, tradition says it’s derived from the word “andara” which means “noise of waters” for the surrounding country folk.


Chantara Waterfalls in Trodos mountains, Cyprus
Wondering what route to take? You can get to the falls either from Fini village (a 1,5 km long road) the Trooditissa monastery (3,5 km dirt road), and from the village of Pano Platres 5,5 km (with a 2,9 km asphalt and 2,6 km dirt road).


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