Dear Insiders

Ah, it’s finally feeling rather Christmassy! The lights are the up, the trees are out, and all sorts of festive events are taking place around the island. And yes, most of us (like myself) are looking at our Christmas list and thinking about the rather daunting task of what we need to buy for whom. And while I was thinking of all the things I need to get hold of, I thought I’d make things a little easier for all of you with a handy little gift guide. And because we always like to be a little bit different here at My Cyprus Insider, we thought we’d do it with a little bit of twist, giving you insight into some fabulous products that relate to our lovely island. Curious? Find out what we’ve got on our list here.


Speaking of all things festive, you can also get hold of some lovely Christmas goodies at the Pop Up Festival 2016, bringing City Plaza to life with pop up shops, music, dance, workshops and more. There’s also plenty to entertain the kids with the likes of cookie decorating and other fun activities!



On another note, following the first rain of the season, we’re feeling very happy that the lakes of the island are slowly starting to fill up again, and so, we decided to compile a list of some of our favourite lakes that are bound to leave you wide eyed!

Oh, how could I forget, it’s big news this weekend that it’s really snowing up in Troodos! I think I may just take a drive up there on Sunday to take a look!

Have a lovely weekend, bye for now!