Dear Insiders

Hope you’ve had a fabulous week and have some great plans for the long weekend ahead! With this week marking the official start of summer, the team here at My Cyprus Insider has been rejoicing about all the wonderful things that we can get up to. With this weekend being a long one, what with Monday’s Kataklysmos holiday (marking the so called ‘Flood Festival), we contacted all the municipalities and present you with an insider guide to everything that there is to do this weekend in each of the seaside towns. You can expect plenty of jollities, with music, dance traditional food and much more! Read all about everything there is to do here. 

Although the official start of summer inevitably means gravitating towards the sea and the seaside towns for a refreshing dip in the sea, it’s also worth keeping in mind that there are some great – and rather quirky – festivals to entertain you throughout the summer months. Aside from fantastic music festival,  which we will be giving you the lowdown on in a few weeks, there are also some rather quirky food and herb festivals that will give you a real taste of Cypriot tradition. From Platres to Kato Pyrgos, there is plenty for you to enjoy!



Have a great weekend, however you choose to spend it!

Bye for now, Zoe