Dear Insiders

Hope you’ve had a brilliant week and have made some great plans for the weekend. Last weekend I had a fantastic time as I embarked on a mini road trip around the island. Our first stop was the gorgeous village of Kalopanayiotis for the night, and the next day, we decided to head through the dreamy Pafos forest and onto the gorgeous Tzelefos Bridge. And before we knew it, we were making our way down to Pafos town centre and ended up by the Pafos castle just in time for sunset. We were lucky enough to see some gorgeous artwork on display in the area, before kicking back for a performance that came to life at the castle featuring aerial dancers. So magical was the whole experience, that the team here at My Cyprus Insider decided to compile an article on some of the very best events taking place within the framework of Pafos 2017 this summer. Read all about some top performances to enjoy here.

Far away from Paphos town, in the quiet Larnaca district village of Athienou, there is also something rather spectacular to see as a group of young creatives alongside French street artist, Zabou, have adorned some of the village’s old buildings with glorious street art. A really unusual site to see, we were taken aback with their creativity in this really unusual initiative.



Speaking of village life, you may be tempted to escape to the mountains in this hot weather, and if you do feel like an adventure in one of the most gorgeous rural spots on the island, then head straight to Kalopanayiotis, where renovated village coffee shops and brilliant foodie establishments call out for attention amidst the most gorgeous natural setting.

Have a great weekend Insiders, however you choose to spend it!

Bye for now, Zoe