Love watching the sky change colour as the day draws to an end? We’re mighty lucky here in Cyprus, with some rather gorgeous locations around the island lighting up in dramatic fashion as hues of burnt orange, dusty pink and vibrant purple give the sky a dreamy quality.

With many settings taking on a whole different persona come sunset, there are some wonderful places that will take your breath away if you manage to catch a great sunset as night slowly creeps in. My Cyprus Insider gives you the lowdown on some of the very best spots to inspire you.


1. Curium archaeological site, Limassol district
If you’ve been to the magnificent Greco-Roman Curium amphitheatre, then you’ll be well aware that the location and views out to sea are absolutely awe inspiring. But what many people don’t know, is that the ancient site itself (also pictured in this article’s cover photo) witnesses some of the most spectacular sunsets imaginable as the age old ruins transform into something that could have easily stepped out of magical fairytale, perfectly highlighted by the sun’s rays.




2. Akamas Peninsula
Akamas is truly spectacular any time of day, with the dramatic rocky coastline dropping down to greet the deep blue of the Med. But once the hot Cyprus sun begins to disappear, the setting becomes one that can only be described as heavenly. With the west coast of the island renowned for having the best sunsets, you’ve simply got to stand back and live the experience to really understand the splendour of it all. And if you’re a photographer, be sure to have your camera with you: you’ll be kicking yourselves if you don’t capture the moment.


Akamas peninsula


3. Larnaca Salt Lake
Head to the famous salt lake during the day and you’ll witness a great site backed by the Hala Sultan Tekke and its rising minaret. While the area dries up during the summer months, it doesn’t take a great deal of water for it to become a glistening lake again (albeit a shallow one) which is particularly impressive during the wetter winter months when migratory birds descend on the area. Head here as the sun goes down and you may very well be lost for words if you catch a good sunset, as the salt glistens in all its glory, perfectly tinged with red, orange and pink hues.


Larnaca salt lake


4. Troodos Peaks
This might be an obvious one, but how often do you actually sit in peaceful isolation to take in the view from the highest heights of Cyprus? Blissfully quiet and absolutely magical, if you find just the right vantage point, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with your inner self and let all worries wash away. Enjoy the spectacle of the sunset here, and you’ll witness the mountain tops glisten, with the setting sun often forming a gradual gradient of colours while so gracefully lighting up the tips of the trees which blanket the dramatic mountaintops.


Troodos Mountains


5. Cape Creco, Ayia Napa
Some people flock to this rocky headland and designated national park and put their best foot forward on a long walk through one of the nature trails that dissect the area, others love to jump into the turquoise waters that beckon avid swimmers, some even choose to have their wedding pictures taken here, while many, simply head to the area to make the most of the panoramic views. If you fall into the latter category, be sure to head to the area as the sun goes down, lighting up the the rugged and wild rocks under brightly coloured skies.


2 Cape Greco


6. Aphrodite’s Rock, Paphos district
Crowds from near and far flock to this infamous spot to catch a glimpse of the place where legend has it that Aphrodite, Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, once rose from the frothy seas. As most people are already aware, the destination has now become the most mythical and famous on the island. And while the mighty rock and endless blue backdrop is pretty much picture postcard perfect during the day, nothing beats watching the sun dip below the horizon, with the sky in the area is often blessed with fiery crimson and orange hues.


Aphrodite's rock at sunset, Petra Tou Romiou, Cyprus ** Note: Slight graininess, best at smaller sizes


7. Paphos Medieval Castle
Majestically commanding attention by the Paphos harbour, the Medieval Castle is widely considered one of the hallmarks of the Paphos region and an absolute must-see for any visitor. And once the sun begins to set over the coastline, the castle itself takes on almost magical proportions, accentuated by a multi-coloured backdrop that brings the history and splendour of the ancient site to life in vibrant fashion.


Famous medieval castle at Paphos harbor. Cyprus


8. Enaerios Pier, Limassol
Undeniably one of Limassol’s landmarks, walk to the very end of the pier at sunset and it’s likely that you won’t want to leave. With many couples now choosing to wed on this very spot with celebrations as the sun goes down, it has fast become one of the city’s most romantic spots, providing for a little respite from the main hub and a step away from the city buzz with nothing but the waves to keep you company.


Enaerios- photo credit Limassol MunicipalityCredit: Limassol Municipality


9. Pyrgos Tyllirias coastline
Bucolic and blissful, wonderful and wild, head along this far north western coast of the island and you’ll experience a part of Cyprus where life moves along at a pace that is so slow and peaceful that you’ll be left feeling as though you may have stepped into a whole different country. Watch the sun sink over this scenic coastline and it’s set to be an experience to remember as a dazzling sunset spectacle shrouds the area in a veil of almost tangible magic and mystery.


Pyrgos coastline


10. Peyia sea caves, Paphos district
If you’re from Paphos, chances are you’ve enjoyed the sunset here countless times. But for some, this dramatic spot right by the gorgeous Oniro by the Sea still remains unknown. And it’s hardly surprising, given that it’s a little off the beaten track; off the main sea caves road and suddenly appearing after you’ve driven past fields of banana plantations. With the Edro III commanding attention (stranded here since December 2011), coupled with spectacular sea caves and unobstructed sea views, the sunsets here are absolutely breathtaking.


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