With most of us planning various relaxing excursions over the autumn season, nothing beats finding a gorgeously cute little place to kick back in the countryside as you cosy up indoors and sip on your favourite hot drink. The My Cyprus Insider team have narrowed down a few of our absolute favourite establishments across all far-flung corners of the country that we think you’ll love as much as we do!


1. George’s Daughter & Son, Omodos, Limassol winegrowing area

Fancy a sweet treat with that coffee? Then add this café/patisserie in the gorgeous village of Omodos to the list! Once you enter the joint, just pop up to the counter and take a pick from the great selection of cakes, be that an éclair, a fruit tart, a creamy Oreo dessert or anything in between! The place itself boasts a touch of romance, with all sorts of cute signs on the walls and lovely decorative touches.



Where? Omodos village. Tel: (+357) 99-026849


2. Kafé Oinos, Kalopanayiotis, Troodos district

A coffee shop/wine bar, this lovely place is located in the main hub of Kalopanayiotis village and delights visitors with a real retro twist, jam-packed with all sorts of vintage knick-knacks. And when the winter chill arrives, there is no better spot than right beside the massive central roaring fireplace at Kafe Oinos!



Make the experience one to remember with a glass of red wine, or if you don’t fancy alcohol, indulge in your favourite herbal tea or coffee. And why not enjoy a game of backgammon while you’re at it?

Where? Kafe Oinos, Kalopanayiotis. Tel: (+357) 99-789331


4. Village Café Serenity, Kakopetria, Troodos district 

While crowds gravitate towards this place to sit on the balcony by the gurgling river in the summer, Village Café Serenity also boasts unique charm in the autumn/winter with a roaring fireplace luring the crowds on cold afternoons. Located in the peaceful little pocket of Kakopetria’s old town, traditional charm and local authenticity successfully meet modern-day Cypriot customs in a harmonious union of frappé, fresh juices, Cypriot coffee and homemade sweets and cakes.



The venue, packed with old village memorabilia, even boasts traditional apartments for guests who like it so much that they want to stay the night.

Where? Old Kakopetria, Troodos district. Tel: (+357) 22-922602