Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful stroll or an action-packed affair as you clamber over slippery rocks and unleash your inner green panther, the My Cyprus Insider team have narrowed down three of our favourite rivers to head to for the most idyllic day out connecting with Mother Nature.


1. Kryos Potamos River – walk beside it in Platres, Troodos

With cool waters flowing all the way down Mount Olympus, this gorgeous river follows a course towards the south and east of Platres. It you wish to walk along a lovely trail by the side of the Kryos Potamos River, then just head down to the old Troodos-Platres road, and you can set off on the Caledonia trail near the Presidential Summer Residence. The nature trail passes by the gorgeous Caledonia waterfalls and ends at Psilo Dendro, in Pano Platres.


2. Dhiarizos River– walk along it at Tzelefos Bridge, Paphos district

If you’ve ever visited Tzelefos bridge, then you’ll be well aware that the Dhiarizos River that runs beneath the medieval arch is a real site to site. A great place to walk along the river banks, you can take in the lush surrounds and make a day of it with a visit to the nearby Arminou dam. The Dhiarizos river is the fourth largest on the island, with its source in the Troodos Mountain peaks, travelling all the way down to the ancient village of Kouklia.


3. Klarios River- walk along it in Kakopetria, Troodos

Passing right through the Solea Valley and the gorgeous village of Kakopetria, this is the perfect place to head to for a day out as you combine time spent walking through the cobbled village lanes with a leisurely walk by the gurgling river.

Photo credit: Spyroc Photography


We suggest taking a seat at Café Serenity to enjoy a Cyprus coffee or sweet treat right beside the flowing river. On a warmer day once spring sets in, you can take a seat on the balcony around the back of the café and you’ll be in seventh heaven. The river Klarios crosses the Solea Valley and empties into Morfou Bay.