Seen all of Cyprus’ major sites and desperately looking for somewhere new to add your bucket list? Here are few great spots that deserve more attention than they receive!


1. Akapnou Medieval Bridge

Ever been to Akapnou? Not very many people have! About 25 km from Limassol, it’s not famed for any specific historic sites or monuments, but there’s a truly impressive Venetian bridge begging to be discovered nestled amidst the lush greenery of the area. Like many bridges tucked away in the Cyprus countryside built in the medieval period, this bridge once linked the villages of the area.



A little hard to find in the wilderness that surrounds the village, just off the main road leading from Akapnou to Eptagini, you can best reach it by heading to the more modern bridge in the village and then following a dirt road for about 100 metres. You’ll soon spot the medieval bridge, connecting the two sides of the Vasilikos riverbed. Filled with overgrown reeds and wild vegetation, the river’s water flows through the western arch of the bridge for most of the year. To really admire it, walk by the riverbed with a pair of good shoes as you work your way through dense vegetation – look up and take in all of its majestic glory.


2. Pera Pedi Dam

It may be one of the smallest dams on the island, but it’s certainly a real beauty, a hidden paradise located at 800 metres above sea level and surrounded by the scented pines of Troodos mountains, about 1km north of Pera Pedi village, and 35 km northwest of Limassol.



The artificial lake formed by the dam attracts birds and fish – the ducks are always somewhere in the vicinity – while a 30-metre overflow at the southern end of the dam is stunning site to see! A couple of benches give you the chance to kick back and take in the blissful surrounds – take a thermos with you and enjoy your favourite warm drink under the winter sunshine! To find the dam, follow the signs from the main Pera Pedi village square, it’s about a 2km drive from the square to the dam.


3. Chapel of St Stephanos

On the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains, the Limassol district Pachna village calls out for attention. Just outside the main village hub, you’ll catch a glimpse of the tiny partially restored Chapel of Saint Stefanos. While not much is known about this old chapel, it is built exclusively from stones found in the area in the 13th century. Built over an abandoned early Christian basilica, the whole area is believed to have once been an ancient settlement.