Blessed with idyllic beaches that summer dreams are made of, there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the powdery white sands that characterise Protaras and Ayia Napa. But if you really want a spot to call your own, the months of April and May are an absolutely great time to visit the area.

Not just about seaside lazing however, My Cyprus Insider’s handy guide gives you some inspiration for other great things that you can get up to while the heat is still bearable beyond the sandy shores!


1. You can kick back on the best beaches while they are still nice and quiet
If you want to enjoy the most popular stretches of sand sans the crowds, and before the real summer sizzle, go now! From the glorious Sunrise stretch and the picture-perfect Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, to the white sands of Nissi Beach and the family friendly Makronissos in Ayia Napa, there is no better time to enjoy them. Finding parking is easy, getting hold of an umbrella is usually a piece of cake, and it’s still blissfully quiet if you want to just lie back and read a good book. Sure, you may not be ready to take a dip but you can certainly enjoy a day relaxing on a sunbed looking out to sea.




We also mustn’t forget the great spots to enjoy a sundowner at dusk, from the gorgeous Cliff Bar on the grounds of the Grecian Park Hotel (opening on April 1st 2016) that commands majestic views of the picturesque Konnos Bay, while a little later on in the season, you can enjoy the view from the gorgeous Serena Bay in Protaras.

2. It’s the best time to enjoy key attractions without any queues 
Want to take the kids down to Waterworld Waterpark to enjoy some fantastic rides? It’s re-opening its doors on April 7th 2016! Or does the idea of a family visit down to the Protaras Ocean Aquarium appeal to you, with all sorts of water creatures to spot? Then go to these popular haunts now and you won’t be having to deal with crowds or queues.


waterworld waterpark


Prefer something a bit more arty? Head to the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park and you’ll witness impressive creations set against the green expanse of the vicinity that makes its way down to the brilliant blue of the sea.


sculpture park Ayia Napa


3. You can take in the area’s outdoor history and culture before the heat kicks in
Not just about sun and sea, there’s plenty of history and culture to take in too! But in mid-summer, it’s almost impossible to enjoy popular sites or head off to the area’s museums when the sun is rather scorching so be sure to head there now. Ever been to the Makronissos Tombs right by Makronissos beach?

That’s not to forget the Ayia Napa Monastery. Located at a prime position in town within the central square, this Venetian monastery built in Gothic style dates back to the 15th century. And that’s not to forget the many little churches that characterise the area. Be sure to visit Ayios Elias situated just off the Protaras-Pernera road on a rocky peak, with the stairs to the top giving way to great views of the surrounding area and coast.




4. Head to a museum if April showers lead you indoors
From the fabulous exhibits letting you on the world of the sea throughout time at the Thalassa Museum or quaint artefacts taking you back to times past at the Avgorou Folk Art Foundation-Pierides Museum, there’s plenty to give you a feel of Cyprus in decades gone by including rare 19th century wood-carved furniture, priceless traditional textiles, and embroideries of the 18th and 19th century coupled with outfits worn in days gone by. Then there’s silverware and pottery to ogle at, topped off by weird and wonderful utensils and tools to spark your curiosity. Art lovers are also in for a treat, bound to be impressed by the collection of nine paintings by the great Cypriot folk artist, Michael Kassialos.




5. Walk the walk through the Cape Greco National Park in true spring fashion!
Before the summer heat kicks in, now really is the best time to enjoy what the glorious coastline has to offer on foot as you wander through spectacular unspoilt natural beauty. With a rocky headland that defiantly juts out into the azure waters that characterise the area, this designated National Park – characterised by imposing sea caves – is one of the most famous on the island for picture taking, and is probably one of the best spots to really take in the gorgeous east coast in all its glory.


Sea caves near Cape Greko. Mediterranean Sea.
Once you get your walking shoes on, you’re likely to be lost for words as you set about to explore what the area has to offer. With various walking trails dissecting the area, there are also plenty of benches along the way giving you the chance to gaze out at the crystal clear waters that make this coastline so very famous. Want our advice? Visit as the sun goes down for a real visual treat!