Switching to organic products without additives, GMO’s, preservatives and chemicals is kind to your body, as well as to the earth, and you never know, you might find that almond milk in your morning coffee tastes better then cow milk, and gluten free pasta is still just as delicious as the regular kind!

Need a helping hand to get started on your organic mission? Here are seven of My Cyprus Insider’s favourite places to get your natural products across the island.


1. Planet Organic Bio Shop Cyprus
True to its name, Planet Organic in Nicosia offers a world of top range, high-quality organic produce at decent prices. Stocking leading names in the organic industry such as Frosch cleaning products or Naturya powdered superfood supplements, Planet Organic also brings organic chickens every Wednesday and has a wide selection of bio baby food options for health conscious new parents.


Planet Organic3


This great little shop regularly features discounts and special offers,  so keep an eye online or on the shelves for money saving opportunities!


Planet Organic4


Where? 1D, 28th October Street, Engomi, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-358005


2. Health Basket Κατάστημα Υγιεινών Τροφών Organic Shop
Health fiends and organic fanatics will be delighted by the great range of products that line the shelves at Health Basket in Paphos and Nicosia.


Health Basket4


Offering a vast array of fresh fruit and vegetables, organic food and drinks, eco-friendly cleaning products and natural cosmetics, Health Basket has many of the leading international bio brands and also stocks some unique local products such as delicious zea, spelt, or rye bread and nutrient-packed mircrogreens.


Health Basket


Where? 57 Ellados Avenue, Paphos, and 51 Metohiou St, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 99-444151, (+357) 22-784441, (+357) 26-221461


3. Zitrone Organic Health Store
Basing their ethos around the “you are what you eat” philosophy Zitrone Organic Health Store is Limassol’s answer to healthy, eco-friendly living and eating.




Not only does the brilliant little shop have a great selection of organic foods, it also stocks Nomadic State of Mind rope shoes, Himalayan salt crystal lamps and other alternative wellness products. The owners are regulars at the Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions and often give in-shop talks and demonstrations for like-minded health enthusiasts.




Where? 36B Omirou Street, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25820339


4. Etherio Bio Stores
With six stores across Cyprus, Etherio Bio Stores is the first chain of fully organic shops on the island. Offering a huge range of products, at low prices, the chain has everything an organic, health and environmental enthusiast might want or need, including an interesting selection of unique products such as organic beers and wines or homemade organic taxinopita (tahini pie).




Regular customers can benefit from the chain’s loyalty card system, allowing them to earn points on purchases, which get converted to discounts on their next shop.




Where? Nicosia: Armenias 67A & B, Strovolos, Tel: (+357) 22-518166, Tseriou 111A, Strovolos, Tel: (+357) 22-029715, Marathonos 4A, Makedonitissa, Tel: (+357) 22-591511, Athalassas 128, Strovolos, Tel: (+357) 22-260101, Arch.Makariou 193, Lakatamia, Tel: (+357) 22-270217. Limassol: Petrou Tsirou 26D, Tel: (+357) 25-736073.


5. Greenshop Larnaca 
Customers really matter at Greenshop in Larnaca and to show how much they care about you, the owners often offer free cups of organic tea for Saturday morning shoppers, or special discounts on their wide variety of organic foods, personal care and cleaning products.




The well-stocked shelves also feature eco-conscious and chemical free baby clothes and toys, as well as useful household items such as DAFI water pitchers and Nava and Eco Life Aluminium and toxic substances-free kitchen-ware.




Where? 21 Zakynthou, Larnaca. Tel: (+357) 24-653912


6. Utopia Collectiva
Aiming to promote and encourage a healthy, collective and sustainable way of living, the Utopia Collectiva shop sells a lovingly hand-picked selection of locally sourced organic products including home-made organic breads, fresh seasonal fruit and veg, herbal remedies from Heaven on Earth Herbals and the deliciously aromatic cosmetics and beauty products from Gaia Olea.




This cute little corner of eco-consciousness is a wonderful place to pay a visit, have a tea and a chat and learn about the wealth of natural products on offer in Cyprus.


utopia 2


Where? Areos 48, Old Town, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 99-583947


7. ALL Organic Market
Really honing in on the wealth of nutrient-rich, natural produce that is grown locally in Greece and Cyprus, ALL Organic Market is a healthy haven in the centre of Limassol.


ALL Organic5


With a range of interesting organic takes on typical Cyprus offerings such as biological paximadi with zea and olive oil, Greek honey with mastic from Chios, and delicious seasonal fruits from across the island, ALL Organic Market truly aims to live by the motto “Let food be medicine, and medicine be food”.


ALL Organic


Where?  16 Kolonakiou, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25-587670