Cyprus may not boast a great many lakes, but with plenty of glistening dams around the country, there are a great number of spots to just kick back and relax by the water’s edge come winter. And if you’re looking for a place where gorgeous pine trees fringe iridescent waters, head through the lush Paphos Forest and veer towards the lesser known Asprogia – Kannaviou dam.



Revered by some as one of the most beautiful dams on the island – which could easily be mistaken for a natural lake – the almost hidden dam is located just by the villages of Asprogia and Kannaviou, and just a few kilometres away from the village of Panayia. When you’ve enjoyed a walk through the gorgeous forested area that surrounds this fourth largest dam on the island, head to Asprogia village to take in the traditional architecture.



Pop into the 18th-century church of Saint Epiphanius and then head further afield to visit Chrysorroyiatissa Monastery in Panayia. Be sure to step out onto the elevated terrace where you can sit back on one of the benches to take in the gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. And you’ll even catch a glimpse of the stunning Kannaviou dam from above!