The west coast of Cyprus may be home to a stunning coastline and ancient sites, but the town of Paphos itself also boasts some gorgeous places waiting to be discovered. Head to the charming old town, walk through its winding streets, and soon enough, you’ll reach a The Place ; a fascinating venue giving you the chance to enjoy a real hands-on experience of Cypriot culture and traditions.

Step into the venue and you can enjoy a demonstration of traditional handicrafts, pottery, basket making, weaving, wood carving and even wine-tastings performed by wine experts.



What’s more, take a walk around the space and you can also get hold of unique finds and variety of Cyprus handcrafted gifts, souvenirs and products to enjoy created by local artists! Whether you’re after handcrafted jewellery, mosaics inspired by original mosaics floors, copper art, pottery, or fused glass, there is plenty to discover.

And when you just want to kick back and relax? You can do just that in the lovely ‘Beery – Beery’; a combination of Cypriot coffee shop (kafenio), wine and beer garden. Unwind while you sip an ice-cold pint of beer or enjoy a bottle of fine local wine while you watch craftsmen and artists create culture before your eyes!



Where? 56 Constantinou Kanari, Paphos. Tel: +357 26 101955