The Paphos village of Peyia is well known for its gorgeous rocky coastline, sea caves and the popular beach of Coral Bay. But the area is not just about stunning sea views  – the history of the village is also rather interesting too, founded in Venetian times, but actually thought to have welcomed its first inhabitants during the Copper Age.



In the village centre, a gorgeous old site calls out for attention; the so-called ‘Vrisi Ton Pegiotisson’ (the Fountain of Peyia’s Women). And while it’s popular with love bids who choose to host their civil ceremony by the beautiful fountain, many visitors to the Paphos area don’t even know that the historic site (rebuilt in 1907) even exists.



While the site is very quiet today – surrounded by lush greenery and flowers – it was once a central meeting spot and the main source of drinking water for the village up until the late 1950s, frequented by the women of the area who would catch up on the gossip of the day and collect water in their red clay pitchers. And it is often said that the men of the village would gather in the vicinity to watch the young women. Rumour has it that the water flowing here made the women very beautiful, while many songs were written about the fountain and its magical qualities. Little wonder that couples choose to wed here today!