The news has already traveled far and wide: Ayia Napa is now home to an otherworldly underwater sculpture museum (MUSAN). A real aquatic treasure for the island, visitors of the new Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa can dive into (or simply snorkel through) a magical underwater forest brought to life with 93 works of art by acclaimed British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.



The project south of Pernera Beach (born out of a collaboration between the Municipality of Ayia Napa and the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research) offers visitors a whole new world to explore beneath the water’s surface – a dreamy underwater universe that teases the imagination with every stroke.

The artist, Jason deCaires Taylor – famed for designing the first underwater sculpture park, the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada – uses his knowledge and skills as a sculptor, marine conservationist, underwater photographer, and scuba diving instructor to create unique works that complement the exhibition space while enhancing marine life.



Simply drift through the artwork and absorb the beauty of the area around you. The spectacular sculptures blend in with the surrounding underwater environment while also provoking thought, shedding light on the relationship between man and human, emphasizing that they can co-exist in harmony with marine life.



As highlighted on the museum website, the figurative sculptures acknowledge the heritage of Cyprus, boasting a magical, mystical, otherworldly style, combining traditional sculptural formations with a contemporary design. What’s more, they are each made of inert materials, with a neutral pH, so as not to adversely affect the area, while simultaneously attracting marine life.


Photos: Jason deCaires Taylor/ Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa