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Famed as a country of sun and sea, there’s so much more to Cyprus than what first meets the eye. And you often need to dig beneath the surface to uncover its glorious secrets. This means travelling out well beyond the confines of your hotel, allowing yourselves to get lost as you meander through winding city streets and roam the great outdoors to take in breathtaking natural splendours, while soaking up all that life has to offer under endless clear blue skies. With our articles compiled by a team of professional writers, bloggers and island enthusiasts, we are delighted to share all the things we love with you.

From all things foodie to tantalise your taste buds, to history, culture and hip urban life, there is so very much to excite you. Whether it’s a quaint hotel, a hidden bar or an off the beaten track museum, we’ve got it covered. As our expert writers give you the real insider lowdown, we will also keep you constantly updated on the hottest trends, most popular places to visit, and top current events to make your holiday on the island even more fun. Enjoy!