Love a good dose of adventure in the great outdoors? How about a bit of an aerial challenge in the fresh air? Then you’ll most likely want to head straight to Platres high in the Troodos Mountains at the first chance you get, with heaps of fun to be had at Sparti Rope Park




The Platres park is geared to people of all ages, from young children, to teens and adults who love outdoor activities, with a separate section for adults and children! It includes various courses with ropes between the glorious pine trees, with different challenges requiring no previous climbing experience.

Once you get there, you’ll receive a briefing, then handed the proper equipment and safety belts to travel between the trees, and from one platform to another. Members of the park staff are constantly on hand to offer help or answer questions. When it comes to safety, you’ll always be strapped in, with a special magnetic French safety system in place.






With all the courses boasting different difficulty levels, it all comes down to each individual’s preferences. As for those looking for a real adrenaline rush, they’ll no doubt love the gush of wind in their hair on the ‘speed zip line’. “Kids have to be over the age of three, but apart from that, there are no limits,” says Park Manager, Elena. “In Europe you even see 80-year-olds enjoying it. But I think it’s the young people that love it the most, it’s really great to see the kids helping their parents along!”


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Hailed as an ecological park, the owners aim to double the quantity of trees in the area over the next few years, while the whole vicinity has been carefully laid out with respect to the natural environment and the forest which houses it. Worried about getting thirsty or peckish in the midst of all the action? There is also a coffee shop on the grounds that serves ice creams, drinks, sandwiches and more.


Watch the My Cyprus Insider team in action at the park here: 

 Where? Platres Sparti Rope Park, 50 Phaneromenis St, Pano Platres, Tel: (+357) 99-541665