Gaze out across the skies and you’ll spot a steep rocky hillside forming a stunning panorama against the backdrop of endless blue skies. Prick your ears and the faint gurgle of a nearby stream calms the senses. And to get to Euphoria Art Land? You’ll be traversing a rural idyll where sun-parched hills are interjected with areas of lush greenery and olive groves, with sleepy – and sometimes unkempt – villages strewn with colourful bougainvillaea boasting understated Mediterranean charm. And just a stone’s throw away, cool blue waters caress the Limassol coastline, twinkling under the summer sunshine.

A world away from the hubbub of everyday life, this exceptional place in the village of Pyrgos is as dreamy as it is surreal, set to capture the imagination in every way possible and leave even the most unassuming types totally wide-eyed. The magical land of interior designer and teacher, Athos Myrianthous, the talented Limasolian always had a penchant for painting, sculpture, gardening and creating art from recyclable materials found in nature.



And it’s hardly surprising that the natural world is a real focal point at this place, as tall eucalyptus trees reach up to touch the skies, and tropical trees befriend a whole array of herbs and plants. All this, with manmade lakes, water lilies and lotus plants calling out for attention, amid beautiful cactus gardens.



Not just a place to visit on a day out, Euphoria is also the perfect holiday escape, featuring three autonomous houses adorned with intricate mosaic art taking you on a trip around the world, as Ethiopian, Moroccan, Latin American and Indian vibes fuse to form a multicultural experience. Vibrant colours scream out for attention and intricate designs are about as innovative as you can get.




Guests are encouraged to soul search and forget all about the stress of daily life, while personal development and innovative creativity are taken seriously with thematic workshops, yoga, and other professional seminars. Watch this space!



Where? 76 Vasilikon, Pyrgos village, Limassol district. Tel: (+357) 97743042