Dear Insiders

Many of you will already be enjoying your summer holidays, whether you’re lazing by the sea or cooling off in a mountain resort! From the gorgeous sunsets of Cape Greco on the east coast and the crystal-clear waters of the blue lagoon on the rugged west coast, to the captivating heights of the Troodos mountains and gorgeous villages that fill with life in the summer months, there’s so very much to explore and discover during the inspiring August break!

Last week we received great feedback with our article on ideas about how to keep the kids entertained during the summer holidays, and so this week, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on a new place that has just opened up in Limassol that is bound to excite them. Giving them the chance to be grow ups for the days, once they enter Masterland, a whole model city awaits where they can choose to act out the profession of their choice in a series of fun and educational workshops!


But what about the adults among us who would like to enjoy something a little different over the August break? All those looking for something creative will be pleased to know that they can enjoy getting to grips with the island’s culture and tradition with special tours that delve into the world of clay! Curious? Read more here.

Have a wonderful weekend Insiders, however you choose to spend it.

Bye for now! Zoe