Dear Insiders

Happy start to the new month and a very happy spring to you all! The My Cyprus Insider team are particularly delighted by all the gorgeous blossoms that are now in bloom, bringing the entire country to life with gorgeous pink, white and purple hues. Speaking of which, this weekend will see a very special festival take place in the village of Limnatis, paying homage to almond trees and their glorious blossoms. In fact, the area is so stunning that people have been stopping off just to take pictures of the pretty trees and surrounding greenery. Want to find out more about this weekend’s festival? Read all about it here.

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Speaking of all things bright and beautiful, this is the absolute perfect time of year to visit Akamas and meander through an area revered as one of the most stunning areas of natural beauty on the island. Not only is the vicinity dotted with colourful endemic flowers, but this is also a period of bird migration so do have your binoculars at the ready!



As the countdown to the Easter holidays fast begins, stay tuned for updates on what to get up to, great places to stay, and much more!

Have a great weekend however you choose to spend it.

Bye for now, Zoe