Weekends are all about making the most of lazy days, and there’s nothing the My Cyprus Insider team loves to do more on a day off than heading to the hills for some divine delicacies to kick start our morning. Go on, let us tempt you!


1. Boukkoma brunch park, Ayia Marina Xyliatou

If you’re after fabulous brunch or meze nibbles with a stunning view to remember, head down to Boukkoma (a traditional term used in Greek Cypriot dialect to describe a small meal comprising of various morning bites). While this place used to be located in the leafy village of Platanistasa when it first opened, it has now set up base in the equally charming village of Ayia Marina Xyliatou, famous for its gorgeous dam.



Run by a passionate young chef who had a dream of luring city folk to rural areas, he has certainly achieved his mission, with the lovely outdoor space packed to capacity most weekends. As for the dishes on offer, the establishment take pride in using local produce – we love the smoked local sausage and divine homemade marmalades!



2. Plateia sta Kelokedara (The Square in Kelokedara)

If you’ve never heard of Kelokedara village, you’re probably not alone. Located 33km east of Paphos town and about 6km west of Salamiou village, this little place requires a map or GPS to find. But this is part of its undeniable charm – a place far from everything, but that still deserves to be on our bucket list.



First and foremost, it’s near the once-abandoned 16th-century monastery of Sindi, wonderfully restored by UNESCO.  Then there’s the quirky Square in Kelokedara (Plateia sta Kelokedara) restaurant serving brunch every Sunday in a very casual and altogether quirky environment. Also offering brunch as tradition intended, you can enjoy fried or boiled eggs, cured meats, homemade olive pies, cakes, marmalades and more. Keep in mind that reservations must be made from the day before.




3. To Tavernaki tis Lenias (Lenia’s Tavern), Vouni

One of the loveliest villages in the Limassol winegrowing district, Vouni is a real picture of perfection, perched high on a mountain with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. And over the past few years, the area’s lovely cobblestone alleys and old mansions have been attracting more visitors than ever, with traditional buildings revamped to their former glory now functioning as cafes, restaurants and small boutique hotels.




Tavernaki tis Lenias has added a vibrant touch to the area, serving refreshments and traditional meals, with simple yet satiating Cyprus brunch on offer every Saturday and Sunday.