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No matter what time of year you land down in Cyprus, there is so very much to delight the senses. From idyllic white sand beaches to discover and sun-kissed mountains to explore, be sure to unleash the avid explorer in you and seep up all that this Mediterranean paradise has to offer. With ancient ruins hidden around every corner, Byzantine churches nestled in rugged countryside greenery and traditional stone built villages home to locals who potter on as they did years ago, there are endless sights to keep you enthralled every step of the way.

Unlock Me

Five years ago, My Cyprus Insider was created with one goal in mind: to showcase the very best of Cyprus online, highlighting the splendours of the island in a unique and alternative light, and encouraging everyone to discover the country’s secrets. During these difficult times however, and given the new government measures to contain Covid 19, each and every one of us has to be extremely sensible with our movements, in order to try and keep the spread of the virus down to an absolute minimum. But with so many places now closed to the public, we simply have to find new ways to stay entertained at home!

This special section of our website has been created to ensure your indoor experience is as inspiring as possible. Some articles will simply take you on a photo journey around the island, others will help keep the kids smiling indoors, while we will also be ensuring that you stay connected with various online initiatives taking place around the country.

Happy reading Insiders and most importantly, stay indoors, stay safe and take action from home!