It’s nearly that time of year again! The time when the Carob Mill in Limassol transforms for a three-day weekend full of body art, alternative culture, music and ink.



This year, the Cyprus International Tattoo Convention team has put together the best event yet, with a fantastic selection of new features, as well as favourite return exhibitors. Here, My Cyprus Insider shares our top 7+1 things to look out for at the 4th International Tattoo Convention on March 31, April 1 & 2.       


1. Top national and international artists

Despite the plethora of peripheral entertainment and offerings available at the International Tattoo Convention, the main event of the show is the impressive selection of some of the island’s best artists who will be exhibiting at the event this year. Amongst the top names exhibiting at this year’s convention is Kompi of Sixteen Rounds, Christ from Endangered Species Tattoo, Fiona and Alexandros Fraser and the crew from Sins and Signs and Proki Tattoo Studio.


Credit: Sixteen Rounds

Complementing the local talent, the convention will also provide a platform for a small group of top international artists such as Uncl Paul Knows from The Gutter studio in Athens, Nast from Tattooligans in Thessaloniki, Dave Santos from Portugal and Banano Family tattoo studio from Italy.


2. A rockin performance by Minus One

It makes sense that tattooed rockers, Minus One, should be one of the live bands selected to entertain the crowds at the 4th International Tattoo Convention this year. The band – who recently became internationally renowned for their Eurovision entry – are well known for their dynamic and high-octane stage presence, which translates as a passionate performance by musicians who clearly love what they do.



The band will be playing live at the convention on Saturday April 1. Nothing compares to seeing the band live, so don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to watch them do their thing in the more intimate surroundings of the tattoo convention.


3. Live body airbrushing by AnexitiloN

In celebration of body art in all of its weird and wonderful shapes and forms, the International Tattoo Convention has organised a unique full-body airbrushing performance by the artist Savvas Koureas of AnexitiloN.



Already a regular at the tattoo conventions throughout the years, this year Savvas plans to up his game with a new ‘Extravaganza Art Theatre’ show, set to entertain audiences with art improvisations on both Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of April. Keep an eye out for the amazing trophies for the Black and Grey section of the tattoo competition, which were also made by the highly-talented Savvas.


4. Tattoo competition

Talking of the tattoo competition, one of the highlights of the three-day event each year, is the eagerly awaited tattoo competitions that take place every day. No two tattoos are created equal, and as such, the competition is split into different sections, each of which aims to honour and celebrate a different style of tattooing.



The categories include Best of Day, Colour, Tribal, Black and Grey, Realistic, Ornamental, Old-School and last but most definitely not least, the Best of Show category. The competition usually takes place towards the latter part of the day, and each category is judged by a highly expert team of professionals on the scene. Each tattoo entered into the competition is done so anonymously to ensure no biased judging takes place.


5. Debut issue of Meláni Magazine

One of the most exciting new additions to the International Tattoo Convention this year is the launch of the debut issue of Cyprus’ first ever tattoo-focused alternative lifestyle magazine.



Aiming to shine a positive light on the captivating world of tattooing and the many fascinating sub-cultures and trends that surround the scene, the creative team behind Meláni Magazine have carefully curated a collection of articles, interviews and features, exploring alternative lifestyle elements such as travel, music, fashion and of course, tattooing! The contemporary, high-quality magazine is not only made for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers, but also for those curious about both the tattoo scene and alternative lifestyle both in Cyprus and internationally.


6. ‘Think Positive’ Tattoo Care Wax

Normally, the first thing your tattoo artist will say once he or she has finished torturing you, will be something about the aftercare of your new piece of body art. The most commonly used tattoo aftercare cream is Bepanthol, which can be found in most pharmacies around the island. However, Bepanthol is also full of harsh ingredients such as liquid paraffin, petroleum and alcohol.



For those who would prefer to use something more natural and gentle on their post-inked skin, a local Cypriot start-up called Think Positive Tattoo Care Wax, is currently paving the way, with their 100% natural tattoo care wax, that is proven to not only protect the tattoo during the vulnerable healing process, but also helps to maintain the quality of both old and new ink, through its unique formula which includes beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils.


7. Cool gear by Sacred Tooth

Sacred Tooth is a clothing brand based in Cyprus and brought to life by Chris Patinios and Savvas Koureas. The brand is mostly made up of unique t-shirts, hoodies, crop tops and zip-up jackets, all adorned with hand-drawn prints created exclusively by the brand.



Already a regular on the tattoo convention scene in Cyprus, Sacred Tooth has amassed something of a following amongst the more alternative crowds and their designs usually reflect a counter-culture attitude. Watch this space for some new and exciting collaborations coming up with Sacred Tooth and be sure to pop by their stand, say hi to the boys, and have a look at their funky collection.


8. Hooked Piercing

And last but not least, what would a tattoo convention be without including the piercing element in the mix? This year, Nicolas Koronellos of Hooked Piercing will be hooking up the body piercing aficionados with septum piercings, nipple, eyebrow, lip, chin, ear and nose piercings to name just a few. Currently working out of Proki Studio, Nicolas has made a name for himself on the piercing scene in Nicosia – now it your chance to go and find out why!