Not just all about sun and sea, the Ayia Napa Municipality is giving crowds good reason to indulge in a dose of visual inspiration down in the coastal town.

Head to the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park and you’ll witness an area under transformation as local stone is transported to the site, while sculptors keep busy working on some rather impressive creations set against the green expanse of the vicinity that makes its way down to the brilliant blue of the sea.

With new sculptures recently added to the site, the park has now expanded with some great works that command attention as international artists jet in to add their creative touch to the area within the framework of the Second Sculpture Symposium.







Having welcomed a substantial number of artists from around the world thus far, a number of new sculptures have recently got people talking. From the works of Austrian artist, Tomas Eller (namely ‘Spue’, ‘Chronic Seat’ and ‘Greek Alphabetic’) to the new creation of the Italian Strefano Sabetta aptly named ‘Breeze in the Park’, there’s much to take in. That’s not to forget the Australian Jurgen Juen’s ‘Nearness’ piece or ‘Third Eye 1’ and ‘Third Eye 2’ by the Indian Gadadhar Ojha.

Upon entering the park, you’ll also catch a glimpse of the new work of Russian sculptor, Vasilisa Chugunova, named ‘In the Sky’. And if you fancy visiting Ayia Napa’s Thalassa Museum, you’ll see her second creation named ‘Love’ gracing the entrance of the venue.




As artists keep busy with chisel and hammer in hand, May 10th will mark the official closing ceremony of the Second Sculpture Symposium that has brought the creative talents to our sunny shores.