Wobbly at first, but as stable as anything within a few minutes, giggling like a bunch of kids, swaying gently back and forth, side to side on our cool two wheeled personal transportation machines, the My Cyprus Insider team are itching to push beyond the Segway’s 20km maximum speed limit!



Always keen to try out new and exciting adventures, we just couldn’t resist stepping onto one of these two-wheeler electric forms of transport to catch a glimpse of the some of Old Nicosia’s best sites! But we won’t pretend that we were totally fearless when we first got down to Segway Station. On the contrary, a few of us burst out into massive fits of laughter at the very thought of riding this rather alternative transportation machine.

“I don’t know if I can possibly keep my balance on that thing’” shouts out miss P. “What if I can’t stop?” exclaims Mr E. But our dedicated guide and owner of Nicosia Segway Station, Andreas Theododou, assures us all that we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Before we set off on our ride, we enjoy a trial run in a safe spot as we’re guided through every step of riding a Segway. And it turns out it’s as easy as anything: you lean forward to go forward, stand straight to stop, lean back to reverse and lean to the side if you’d like to change direction. What’s really fascinating about these environmentally friendly two wheeled electrical machines is that they detect the body’s weight and are self-balancing.



Soon enough, we are on our way, effortlessly gliding through quiet city streets like total pros and setting our sights on magnificent architecture from days gone by, whizzing through narrow alleyways filled with colourful plant pots, catching a glimpse of old antique furniture shops, waving to passers-by and elderly folk sitting outside their houses with a massive grin on their face.



As we enjoy the ride, Andros gives the group the lowdown on some of the most important sites, with plenty of trivia thrown in for good measure. From the House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, to the Archpishop’s Palace and beyond, history quite literally comes to life with every turn. “Did you know that this is the oldest building in the area, built way back in the 1300s by the Monks of St Benedict!” Andreas lets on as we make a stop beside the old Archbishop’s residence. More trivia ensues and the group are taking in all sorts of interesting facts about the city we live in that were thus far unbeknown to us.



Other historic sites and places of interest include the Nicosia Youth Hostel, Chrysaliniotissa Church, the Taht-elkale, Famagusta Gate and countless scenic streets and alley ways that even us locals had never been down before. As we come off our Segways, our legs wobble for a few seconds, but there is only one resounding question: when will we be going on our next ride?



Watch the My Cyprus Insider team glide around the old town here:


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