Kato Paphos may be a well-known holiday hot spot, but a new and rather unusual beachfront venue recently arrived on the scene this past June to delight the gastronomes among us while giving lovers of cutting-edge design something undeniably inspiring to talk about. And yes, Antasia Beach Club has fast become one of the most talked-about beach destinations of the season!



An ode to nature’s beauty and the simple pleasures in life, located right on the Sodap beach, it’s hard to miss the building crowned by an unusual roof-top terrace. Just a short walk from Almyra and Annabelle Hotel, it comes as no surprise that Antasia Beach Club was created by the always innovative Thanos Hotels and Resorts. The My Cyprus Insider team gives you the lowdown!


The architectural ‘wow’ factor

A landmark building with a unique architectural style designed by Psomas Studios of Architecture, the new venue is a celebration of the sea and the rich history of Paphos. But let’s get this straight: nothing has been done in a typical way. Instead, a minimalist sweep of stone and glass has been built to harmoniously blend in with the natural surroundings. Built using an intuitive amphitheater design, the magnificent sea views take centre stage, no matter where you choose to sit. With two floors of effortless indoor-outdoor lounging and dining, guests ascend an impressive floating spiral staircase that leads to an extensive roof terrace looking onto Paphos Castle. Totally Instagram-worthy!



An avant-garde interior

The interior design is just as impressive as the architecture itself. We love the unusual inside space designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg (known for the W Hotels in Ibiza, Amsterdam and Prague), inspired by raw natural elements, using a playful white-scale design to reflect the life of the sea, intrinsically tied to the coastal city. The custom-made furniture, including simple sun-bleached driftwood tables, draws on a calmly neutral palette to complement the coastal elements. White terrazzo flooring echoes the hue of seafoam as it hits the sand, a striking contrast to the exposed concrete ceiling.



It’s a full day-to-night experience

The design may be superb, but there’s nothing pretentious about this place. Its laid-back – albeit sophisticated – day-to-night vibe is just what you need on lazy summer days. With uninterrupted views of sand, sea and sky, this contemporary take on the classic beach club seamlessly moves from morning to night.



Relax with a morning coffee, linger over a family lunch overlooking the waves, and spend sultry afternoons on the rustic wood-hewn day beds on the sand. As the sun sinks into the sea, guests can congregate for stylish dinners, or dance beneath the stars to music by top DJs with a signature cocktail in hand.




Asian fusion tastes delight the taste buds

Who can say no to locally-sourced ingredients with an Asian flair? How about an Asian flair with a delightful Mediterranean twist? Curated by Hungarian chef Akos Richweisz, under the supervision of award-winning David Goodridge, the dishes served at Antasia draw on a range of exotic influences, from a spicy cashew nam prik dip, to freshly-rolled maki, sushi and sashimi.



We devoured the crispy Mediterranean seabass with sweet, sour, spicy sauce and made the most of the USDA beef on the menu – miso-glazed and cooked to perfection, served with edamame puree and baby vegetables. Divine tastes aside, we have to admit that we were utterly impressed by the crockery – may sound like a strange thing to rave about, but trust us, you’ll remember our words. Bon Appétit!