Lazy weekends spent exploring and driving through the countryside are a treat for all of us, but the precious time spent kicking back and enjoying the stillness and beauty of the rural surrounds is, for many of us, the most enjoyable aspect of any day out. In this light, the My Cyprus Insider team has happily enjoyed numerous cups of coffee in an attempt to find some of the cutest spots of all to get in touch with your inner Zen!


1. Mary’s Cafenion, Askas

If it’s a coffee shop with impressive views that you’re after, be sure to add this place on your list. Not many people know about Mary’s Cafenion, hidden away in the very quiet village of Askas (also home to the lovely Lyhnos agrotourism hotel).  The Pitsillia district village of Askas is just 45 minutes away from both Limassol and Nicosia, and this cute coffee shop is ready to welcome travelers into a simple but sweet little place where views of the surrounding pine-clad mountains provide the real focal point.



Where? 78 Grigori Afxentiou St, Askas, Pitsillia District. 8am- 11pm. Tel: +357 99 462408



2. Yero Yangos Coffee Shop, Kalopanayotis

There are few businesses on the island that have managed to make such a big difference to a local community as Casale Panayiotis; a beautiful mountain retreat that has breathed new life into the once-neglected village, inspiring village folk to invest in their community, while preserving mountain culture and the rural way of life. And now, the retreat has welcomed a new member of the family into the village: Yero Yangos Coffee Shop.



An old coffee shop on the upper village road that has been recently renovated, it even serves basic fare – including souvlakia (kebab) and sheftalia (ground pork wrapped in coul fat) – as well as herbal teas, traditional coffee and sweet delicacies.

Where? Upper village road, Kalopanayiotis. Open 7am – 10.30pm


3. O Kafenes- Ambelos, Vasa Koilanou

Each and every one of Limassol’s winegrowing villages boasts undisputed charm, each with its own unique story to tell about days gone by. And Vasa Koilanou is no exception, with traditional limestone architecture and paved streets shouting out for attention. And right next to the main village church and in the central cobblestone square, a gorgeous little coffee shop (pictured in cover photo) gives visitors the chance to take in tradition with an alternative twist.



Aptly named O Kafenes-Ambelos owing to the vineyards in the area, this cute and colorful spot adorned with flowers and bright tables, serves a variety of local treats to enjoy with your coffee or tea, many of which have been sourced from the area (including a variety of grape produce). Local wine and zivania are also big hits!

Where? Vasa Koilanou village centre, Limassol winemaking district. Tel: +357 99-348058


Cover photo: O Kafenes, Ambelos, Vasa Koilanou