No matter what way you look at it, January can be a slightly dull month for us all as we tighten our belts after the Christmas splurge and tend to stay indoors as the chill in the air and rainy days heighten the appeal of our living rooms! But not to worry, there’s never much of a dull moment here in Cyprus. Before you know it, February madness will be knocking on our doors as carnival fun and the long Green Monday weekend put a smile on our face.


1. Tsiknopempti

If you’re a foodie, this event will certainly leave you grinning from ear to ear! Most Cypriots don’t need much of an excuse to consume copious amounts of meat, but come Tsiknopempti (falling on February 8th this year), the gluttonous indulgence will really take on a whole new meaning! Kick-starting the onset of carnival celebrations which then lead up to Lent, tradition has it that pretty much everyone lights up a barbeque on the day that can best be translated in English as “Smoke Thursday” or “Smoked Thursday”, otherwise known as ‘Fat Thursday’. You can expect some really fun street parties featuring barbeques and street food to make you drool. Stay tuned!




2. Carnival

Following Tsiknopempti, we have little doubt that carnival outfits and parties will become the hot topic of discussion. And if there’s one city on the island that knows the true meaning of living it up for carnival, it simply has to be Limassol, coming to life with plenty of colour and madness all round in the days leading up to Lent. This year, Limassol’s Grand Carnival Parade – filled with colourful floats, bands and much more – will be taking place on February 18th. Stay tuned for updates and a full lowdown on carnival events to look forward to. As you prepare for all the fun, you may like to read some fun facts about carnival here.



3. Green Monday

Just after carnival on February 19th, prepare to pack your picnic baskets and head for the hills to celebrate Green Monday! A bank holiday marking the start of Lent, healthy food combines with a good dose of fresh air to rejuvenate you as you enjoy the long weekend. If you want to really appreciate the undulating countryside blanketed in vibrant green, check out some of our favourite picnic sites around the country here.