With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon as March fast approaches, and pungent flowers providing a heavenly experience for the senses, we can certainly dream about heading out and about to spot some truly stunning blooms as restrictions slowly lift. My Cyprus Insider has narrowed down three of our favourite places bound to excite you!


1. Akamas peninsula, Paphos district

It’s one of the most beautiful areas of untouched wilderness on the island, and there is no time like spring to perambulate this stunning peninsula. Home to approximately 530 indigenous plants, 35 of these are rare and endemic. Visit the area now and keep your eyes peeled for the rare wild red tulip (Tulipa Cypria) and several kinds of orchids (orchis).



A species of an endemic cyclamen also grows in the Akamas area, while it’s hard to miss the crown daisies (Similloudi) and characteristic ‘Lapsana’ (Charlock/Sinapsis alba) with their small yellow flowers. ‘Lales’ (Anemone coronaria) also grow in the area, as well as the yellow ‘Xinidin’ (Oxalis) and white flowered ‘Arkoscordos’ (Allium neapolitanum). And you certainly can’t miss the Rasin; a thorny bush characterised by an abundance of pretty, yellow flowers, widely known in as the ‘Prickly broom’.


2. Polemi village

There’s one flower that reigns supreme in the lovely village of Polemi, and it attracts the gaze of visitors from around the island! With red tulips peppered across the stunning green landscape, under normal circumstances, an annual festival pays homage to this brilliant flower every spring. Obviously, there won’t be any festivals this spring due to the pandemic, but you can still head down to the area to enjoy the lovely view!


Photo: Demetrios Photography 

Polemi stands as one of the very few spots on the island – apart from Stroumbi and Akamas – where tulips grow en masse throughout March and April, despite the fact that their numbers are depleting (a phenomenon which is thought to be linked to the use of pesticides and weed-killers, as well as over picking and urban development).


3. Limnatis village

Approximately 20km north-west of Limassol in the Troodos Mountains, this gorgeous village is surrounded by hundreds of almond trees that fill the area with colour and punctuate the air with gorgeous aroma.



Travellers from near and far descended on the area to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous pink and white blossoms that reach up to touch the skies and paint a spectacular picture against the vibrant blue.

Once you’ve walked through the fields, be sure to also take a stroll through the village lanes, with the streets and gardens of the villagers are also filled with lovely blooms.



Cover photo: Demetrios Photography