Entertaining the little ones over the long school holidays is no easy task. And in between splashing visits to the beach and swimming pool, there are plenty of days left where finding a new place to visit can become a bit of a nightmare. Step in the My Cyprus Insider team, who have located some great spots that will entertain and stimulate your little ones.


1. Limassol Water Museum

If you want your kids to become a little more aware of environmental issues, the Limassol Water Museum will help them get far better acquainted with this great source of life. Situated adjacent to the old Water Pumping Station, there are loads of photos on show, but what will really get the little ones excited are the tools and machines which show the way water used to pumped from rivers and lakes. The whole family can also enjoy a short film explaining the importance of the water, particularly geared towards children.



Where? 66 Franklin Roosevelt Ave, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25-830000


2. To Ploumisto Psomi (Decorated Bread) Museum, Limassol

All kids love to play with dough, and this museum is set to really get them ticking with a whole range of interactive activities to entertain them – baking, theatrical plays, story telling, music, video projections and more. And yes, as the name of this place suggests, they’ll also gain a better understanding of traditional ‘ploumistra’ (decorated Cypriot bread.)


Photo credit: Cyprus Alive 


Where? 9 Grigori Afxentiou St, Limassol. 


2. Cyprus Museum of Natural History

A young animal lover’s delight, this Cyprus Museum of Natural History is going to leave the kids grinning from ear to ear and will take the whole family back in time while bringing the flora, fauna and geology to Cyprus to life with more than 2.500 exhibits. From stuffed mammals, to semiprecious stones and glorious seashells, the museum isn’t only dedicated to the natural history of the island in times past, but also aims to inspire a deeper love and interest in the study of nature, contributing to a collective effort to protect the environment in years to come. Kids are also bound to love the dinosaur park here!



Where? Photos Photiades Breweries, just outside Nicosia, off old Nicosia- Limassol road. Tel: (+357) 22-585834