Temperatures have plummeted, the first snow of the season has fallen, and Cyprus is in lockdown! As the Troodos peaks shimmer under a veil of snow, most of us are eagerly anticipating the day that we can make a day of it on the island’s dazzling heights, and even, enjoy a good old ski or snowboarding session. Here’s a select pick of photos taken this month that we love, showcasing the beauty of the highest mountain peaks blanketed in white.


1. Mount Olympus ski slope from above 


Photo by Cyprus From Above – Romos Kotsonis Photography


2. A Troodos walking path covered in white


Photo by Cyprus From Air 


3. Dark wintry skies and snow-covered roadsides 


Photo by Chris Belesis posted on Landscapes of Cyprus 


4. Sunlight filtered through the clouds 


Photo by George Pattichis shared on Landscapes of Cyprus 


5. Icy roads and melting snow on the Troodos pines 

Photo by Stathis Efstathiou posted by Troodos Hotel