As temperatures plummet in January, the Troodos peaks glisten under a shimmering veil of snow. Here are some of our favourite pictures from this winter and winter’s past, providing a brilliant glimpse of the magical mountains dressed in their finest white!

1. Troodos Square

This picture of Troodos Square was taken at the start of the New Year as roads were covered in the snow which fell throughout the night!


Photo credit: Cyprus from Above

2. Kakopetria village

Before reaching the highest heights of the Troodos mountains, the picturesque village of Kakopetria beckons. And when the snow falls heavily across the Troodos peaks (often in January and February), the inhabitants of Kakopetria witness a village that dreams are made of.



3. Kalopanayiotis village

Snow doesn’t usually lay on the ground for very long in Kalopanayiotis village – deep in the Marathassa Valley – but when it does, the scene really is one of a winter wonderland, as this picture taken last winter attests to.


Photo credit: Maison Elena

4. Amiantos mine 

A truly magnificent site, the old Aminantos mine takes on an otherworldly appeal when dressed up in striking white.



5. Kyperounta village

The third highest village in Cyprus looked picture perfect, hidden under a deep layer of snow, when the cold weather hit last January.


Photo credit: My Troodos


Cover photo: Cyprus from Air