As temperatures plummet in January, the Troodos peaks glisten under a shimmering veil of snow. Here are some of our favourite pictures taken this winter, providing a brilliant glimpse of the magical mountains dressed in their finest white!


1. Almirolivado Lake

This gorgeous spot hidden near the abandoned Amiantos mine (also pictured in the cover photo above) is magical at any time of year, but when blanketed in white, the watery forest scene becomes totally otherworldly.


Photo credit: Evi Siakalli 


2.  Troodos peaks

Everyone heads up to the highest heights once snow starts to fall, but nothing beats a magnificent view of the pine covered Troodos peaks from above!


Photo credit: Cyprus from Above 


3. Pedoulas village

Snow doesn’t usually lay on the ground for very long in Pedoulas village – deep in the Marathassa Valley – but when it does, the scene really is one of a winter wonderland.


Photo credit: Pedoulas 


4. Amiantos mine 

A truly magnificent site, left abandoned in time, the old Aminantos mine takes on a totally surreal appeal when dressed up in striking white.


Photo Credit: Costas Kkoli 


5. Prodromos dam

You would hardly know this is Cyprus when you come face to face with Prodromos dam, hidden under a deep layer of snow when the freezing weather hits.



Photo credit: Costas Kkoli


Cover photo: Yiannis Makriyianni