With history and culture enticing visitors from near and far to explore each and every corner of Paphos, times past have now become the focus of attention (with a cool modern twist) as a place where traders and pedlars once gathered steps into the limelight once again.

Known as ‘Hani of Ibrahim’ – situated in the heart of the seaside town’s historic centre – people from around the island once congregated here when travelling from district to district. A meeting point for decades in the first part of the twentieth century, it was abandoned in the 1960s and the premises were transformed into workshops.



More recently, however, the whole area has been brilliant restored, with various thematic neighbourhoods created. One of the designated areas is set to host event venues, while another will host commercial activities and a hostel, with the third section to include exhibition areas.

Connected by a lovely internal courtyard, visitors can look forward to outdoor performances here. Reviving memories of times past, the Hani is now a central focal point for citizens of Paphos and people beyond, set to become a real hub of activity very soon!

Where? Centre of Paphos old town.