Stand-up comedy may still be in its infancy as a form of entertainment in Cyprus but it’s slowly gaining popularity island wide, providing locals with new options for a unique fun-filled night! Here’s a small sample of comedians currently performing in Cyprus, with My Cyprus Insider providing the lowdown on where to watch them live and what to expect from their shows.


1. Louis Patsalides

The most well-known comedian on the island, Louis Patsalides capitalised on his hugely successful TV shows (his latest, Louis Night Show, currently airs on Alpha TV every Friday at 9.15pm) into an equally successful stand-up comedy show. His act includes regular stand-up, song parodies inspired by current events, and even, funny original songs; Patsalides is not just a one-man show, but brings a whole band on stage!  Guaranteeing a great night out, you can catch Patsalides’ latest stand-up: ‘Proedrikles’ (a Greek pun on the words ‘presidential elections’ and ‘crying’).



Where and when? DownTown Live, every Friday, and first Saturday of every month at Ravens Music Hall in Limassol. Entrance fee: €10. Rated adults only. In Greek. Patsalides also schedules shows at Almyra Hotel in Paphos. You can follow him on his official Facebook page for all details on upcoming shows.


2. Costas Pringipas 

Another household name, Pringipas also hosted a successful TV show, which aired on Sigma TV for three years. He kick-started his career by posting funny videos online dealing with everyday problems and habits, and soon enough, he was well-known island wide. Combining regular stand-up with parody songs, Pringipas leaves crowds begging for more, wherever he performs!



Where and when? Pringipas isn’t currently performing on a regular basis at a specific venue but makes appearances all over the island, often alongside his friend and fellow comedian, Ahanas. In Greek. You can follow him on his Facebook page for all details on future appearances and information on his shows.


3. Constantinos Psillides

A relatively new addition to the Nicosia bar scene now hosts a relatively new addition to the stand-up scene. The Tarantino movie inspired Pub Fiction and Grill has only been around for a year, and Psillides has been brilliantly teasing the crowds with his stand up at the venue over the last three months, every other Wednesday at 9pm. His show is aptly named “no_filte(r)”; which he describes as “purposely offensive”.



Where and when? Every other Wednesday, Pub Fiction and Grill, Nicosia.  No entrance fee. You can follow the Pub Fiction official Facebook page for more info and Psillides Facebook profile for performances in other cities. His act is in Greek, although he plans to perform an English version soon.


4. Cyprus Comedy Central

The CCC group is comprised of comedians who perform short sets and host open mic nights. And what makes the group stand out from the rest is that they perform in English! While they don’t perform at a regular venue, they give crowds a good reason to laugh every couple of months; usually in the Larnaca district. Find out more about their shows on their official Facebook page.