With all the recent rainfall we’ve been experiencing ensuring that the countryside is still as green as can be, the fields have long exploded with a real riot of colours as the heady scents of wildflowers rouse the senses around the country. My Cyprus Insider has found some gorgeous shots of nature in full bloom to encourage you to set out on an adventure into the colourful rural world as you capture spring flowers on camera in all their vibrant glory.


1. Poppies in Alambra village

You’ve probably seen yellow daises just about everywhere this season, but if you head to the fields of Alambra,  you’ll be in for another treat: fields blanketed in bright red Poppy Anemone (a species of flowering plant in the genus Anemone, native to the Mediterranean region) as far as the eye can see.


Photo: Costas Mageiroudes 

2. Cyclamen in the Akamas Peninsula

There are few places better than the Akamas Peninsula to catch a glimpse of Cyprus’ graceful national flower Cyclamen cyprium – native to mountainous regions in Cyprus and along coastline of the country – in all its wild glory, backed by the endless blue of the glistening seas.


Photo: Nadia Ioannou 


3. Wild tulips in Polemi

Head to Polemi village in the Paphos district right now and you’ll spot bright and beautiful, rare red tulips speckled across the countryside. Home to the annual Polemi Tulip Festival, people from across the country come here to take photos of the gorgeous Cyprus Tulip (Tulipa Cypria) in full bloom. Wild tulips have been known to grow in Cyprus for the past two centuries!



4. Wild anemones in Aradippou

Anemone is a genus of about 200 species of flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae. And with the winter rain being so abundant this year, you can see them blanketing all different spots around the countryside – often growing on windswept hills – in gorgeous shades of white, pink and purple. The lucky photographer who took the photo below encountered the beauties by Aradippou river, outside Larnaca.


Photo: Michalis Syrimis 


5. Wild daisies in Ayios Sozomenos 

The ancient abandoned site of Ayios Sozomenos is stunning at any time of the year, but when surrounded by lush greenery and an abundance of wildflowers, the whole area takes on an altogether stunning appeal. Wild yellow daisies native to the Mediterranean region (chrysanthemum coronarium) now blanket the area, interspersed with red poppies.

Photo: Stefanos Savva

Cover photo: Poppies outside Alambra village by Melba Pilavakis