If you’re looking for an easy day trip from the capital, and crave some fresh air at higher altitudes away from the sweltering city heat, then make a fast escape through country roads until you reach the lesser-known village of Kampi, right beside the better-known Farmakas village.

Located in a pretty valley, life moves at a slow pace in the bucolic Kampi, with the few inhabitants left in the village working hard on the land, cultivating vineyards, and some, producing wine. And as the few locals left in the area potter about their daily lives out in nature, one little place is intent on keeping traditional alive with local tastes, dishing up fine Cypriot food in a magical lush green setting.



Known as ‘O Potamos (tis Militsas)’, the establishment is named after the nearby river, and the passionate Militsa, who busies herself in the kitchen to provide guests with a culinary feast. And what’s really special about this eatery – aside from the traditional meze dishes – is their reputation for divine weekend breakfast and brunch-time fancies. With their freshly baked ‘koulouri’ bread the ultimate star of the show, there’s plenty to feast on, including Cyprus sausages, halloumi cheese, eggs, salad, olives and fruit. Wash it all down with a strong Cypriot coffee, and you’ll be set for the day!



Where? O Potamos tis Militsas, Kampi village, Nicosia district. Saturdays 9am- 1pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays: 9am – 11am. Tel: +357 22643315